10 Reasons why the WTBTS is NOT a CORP... Bethel Lecture by GB Member Losch

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  • greendawn

    They certainly aren't democratic, they are a dictatorship, and judging from what many ex bethelites have been saying on this board the atmosphere at HQ is so bleak that they would leave sooner rather than later. Worldly corporations have grievance procedures through which the staff can complain against the company or their colleagues. In the less civilised dubs if you complain you just get thrown out.

    Despite the existence of the so called 8 000 annointed only 12 of these have real power the rest count as nothing, that sounds like a corporation at work rather than a christian fellowship. They derive authority from the legal status of a corporate entity rather than the Holy Spirit. They would loathe to extend that authority to all the "fds" members or at least to the proven loyal ones.

  • Gregor

    Gee, nina and unclebruce are some very intellectual folks! just now read their essays, aka, 'posts'. I think they both have excellent points but there's also a lot of what they wrote that I just don't understand. I will read them again when I'm not smokin'

  • Trojan
    3. …creating artificial work when there is not enough work for everyone to do. Creating excessive and detailed manuals take away the dignity of the worker. It says that they are not able to do the work without detailed instructions, although there are some who may need such details. It does not admit that there are too many people in the department.

    This one gave me a good laugh! He's obviously never seen some of the nice manuals they produce! You should see the "Housekeeper" manual (a manual that all the sisters use in Brk and other branches to do the daily cleaning routines in the rooms). By last count it is at least 200 pages!!! 200 pages to tell some poor souls on HOW to get rid of the dust! This manual dictates every step along the routine (even in what direction to weap the shower)....it is so absolutely ridiculous....I have told some other poor fellows here, that if an Hotel would follow these guidelines, they would end up bankrupt.

    If you read this, being an Bethelite, you can only laugh.....there is a "Waiters" manual and many more.....each one of them, is thick like a brick!

    LOL and LOL again to this one.


  • ozziepost

    Even one on how to fold your laundry!

  • Trojan

    LOL, ozziepost.....almost forgot about that one: i absolutely hate that little instructive manual. I never get it right (can i put the underwear on top of the jeans? No, damned....wrong again....Ok....first the shirts...than the underwear, than the leather lingerie.....damned, I shouldn't send the sexy stuff to the laundry.....Ok, start all over again.......)

    This is only to do laundry! And then they give a talk about: not controlling others with excessive manuals.....aaaarrrghhh


  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    The corporate spirit is:

    1. …democratic (at the top)
    2. …Putting efficiency ahead of compassion
    3. …creating artificial work
    4. …insufficient personal interest taken in one another
    5. …Controlling production and productivity
    6. …the competitive spirit, outshining others
    7. …careless spending of funds
    8. …philosophical method to motivate workers into greater performance
    9. … jargons
    10. …reflected in manner in which we speak to each other

    Well.....it sure sounds like them

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