10 Reasons why the WTBTS is NOT a CORP... Bethel Lecture by GB Member Losch

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  • blondie

    PS the WTBS better stay a non-profit corporation or the IRS will be on their tail and they will have bigger problems than they do in France.

  • Nina

    unclebruce, you stated:

    I can put up a long boring post examining and tearing apart everything the GB man had to say but have prefered to waste as little time as possible getting directly to the point & stating the glaringly obvious.

    My original statement still stands. "Corporation" and "corporate attitude" are not the same thing.

    How many years were you a student at the University of Awake?

    Nina (NOT a COP)

    Ozziepost: Where I come from it's considered good form to keep on topic when posting to a thread.

    Without further ado......

  • Satanus


    When the arguers conclusion rests on an alleged analogy (or similarity) that is not strong enough to support it.

    Example: No one would buy a pair of shoes without first trying them on. Why should anyone be expected to marry without premarital sex?

    S of the weak analogy corporation

  • wombat

    Unc...So what's your web site?

  • ozziepost


    Stick around more than the 100 or so posts and a few years longer and you'll understand more of the repartee being used here at which our dear unclebruce is a past master. Learn from him.

  • ozziepost

    sorry 'bout the editing, unc, I was trying to get rid of all them blank spaces but the shiraz wouldn't let me! Only gave you more and more and more bloody empty stuff.

  • serendipity

    HI WAC,

    The congregations are infected with corporate spirit, if we're going to use these 10 points.

  • sf
    Every family has its own spirit.

    Not so after entering the Realm of Deceit and Corruption, aka Watchtower Book Publishing CORPORATION.

    That spirit slowly gets crushed.

    {{{{{{{{ BRUCE }}}}}}}} So nice to see you get off that kangaroo and sit a spell here for awhile. LOLOLOL!!


  • IP_SEC

    We are not a prophet because we define what a prophet is in our case.

    We are not a corp because we define what a corp is in our case.

  • belbab

    Unc, Blondie and All,

    Back around 1959, the head of the service department in Canadian Bethel was Jack Nathan, originally from England along with Percy Chapman, the branch servant.

    Jack Nathan, gave an illustration once that the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society Corporation was a wagon, and into that wagon, Jehovah and JC had put all their earthly belongings.

    At the time, I thought, what a wonderful illustration.

    Eventually, though, after some ten years or so, I realized, what happened to David when he tried to transport the ark of the covenent in a wagon, the wheels fell off and no spare tire.

    The Goodies of God, were to be carried on the shoulders of men, with the woman voicing the chorus as the procession progressed through history.

    Loch's talk is just an effort to grease the creaky wheels of their wagon. It is ending up at the threshing floor, and fast becoming a tourist attraction not only for JWD but the world in general.


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