for those of you on the west coast, PRINCE is on SNL right now

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  • orbison11

    well the show is just starting and he is due to sing during the show...

    hope this is not a double post:)


  • orbison11

    he sang 'aint no fury like a woman scorned'

    not bad, but if i would have danced at a jw wedding like his 3 back up singers did,,,,well i wouldnt have been counseled the next day,,,

    as they would have grabbed me off the floor that minute:):) wish i had mega $$$ when i was in, boy i could have played ..


  • troucul

    I did see that last night...I noticed that there was no physical contact between him and those females, he can justify that they were there by themselves doing there own thing. I didn't notice any sexual innuendo in his lyrics.

    I just wonder how his meetings with the elders go...or maybe they're happy as long as he puts those fat wads of bills in the contribution box in the back of the hall.

  • LuckyNun

    My husband and I watched that last night. If you think about how short he is, even in platforms, those dancers had to be TINY! None of them could've been over 5' tall. I mentioned to my husband, "Prince is gonna have to go to bed right after this, if he wants to be up in time for Sunday meeting! I wonder if he'll visit Bethel while he's in NYC."

  • Odrade

    he looked a little strange without all his bling and makeup, didn't he? Did anyone notice that the dancer's clothes were not excessively revealing, and there was a odd lack of pelvic thrusting. LOL! Guess maybe he is a J-Dub after all? Wonder how many Witnesses tuned in?

  • LuckyNun

    Hope they stuck around for the Prince Show! Judging from what Kevin Smith said about him, that spoof is dead-on.

  • IronClaw

    I guess like Micheal Jackson as long as keeps giving $$$ in the contribution donation boxes its all good.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I stayed up to watch SNL last night for the dual purposes of seeing what that wild and crazy Steve Martin was up to and to see what the Clown formerly known as Prince was going to do.

    Yeah, I know - he's musical genius and I'm in a philistine for thinking he's not. I should be stoned outside the city gates: with rocks, not with mind-altering substances.

    My prayer - I mean my showtune - is that I live to see Prince wake up and smell the horseshit and see what THAT show will be like. Not that I was a fan of the old Prince either; I am a fan of people taking backthier lives from a mind control cult.

    "Mr. Nelson, wake up! They're lying to you!"

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Y'know, what is really weird for me is that I just can't see Ozzie and Harriet as Prince's parents.

    Why didn't Ricky and David let him perform with them?

    Prince should do a tribute album to his brothers' music...



    In last week Wednesday or Tuesday's NY Post in the gossip column it was stated that Prince attended a birthday party for some hollywood agent something or another...cant really remember. Anyone else read this or hear about this?

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