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  • nsrn

    I remember that Oprah show! It was 18 years ago, and I sat riveted to it--the first time I had heard someone publicly speaking out about the witnesses. I felt like that guest was speaking directly to me. His advice was to get a good neutral translation, read just the Gospel of John to start out, and ask God for help.

    I did that, and that began my real relationship with God. Just an example of how a life can be touched...

    Does anyone remember the guest's name? I think his last name was Hazzard, but it wasn't Danny. This guest had a daughter who needed blood, and the cold-hearted response of the elders opened his eyes. Maybe in Kentucky?

    Again, thanks for the welcome.

  • Sunspot

    I never saw the Oprah show that was referred to, but then both Geraldo Riviera and Sally Jesse Raphael had shows on (here) in the morning.....and STUPID LOYAL AND OBEDIENT ME turned them off when I heard what they were about and who the "guests" were going to be.

    I could just CRY.

    There is a Paul BLIZZARD that had gone on a few shows concerning the no-blood issue....a really great guy that I have had the pleasure of exchanging emails with, for a different reason. You can GOOGLE his name and "watchtower" and can read his story for yourself. It is pretty powerful.



  • nsrn

    Thanks, Annie!

    He is Paul Blizard, and his website is "Watch the Tower". I remember that he gave his phone number on the show (pre-internet days), and I really had to work up a lot of nerve to call him. He sent me my first 'apostate literature'. I'm so glad he did!


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