How are Mesa Indians connected to the LORD's intent with alien visitation?

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  • Franz

    1. The secret shadow govrnment.
    2. Aliens (fallen angels).
    3. The Apocalypse described in the Book of Revelation.
    4. Crazy Hopi indians, whose ancestors knew the aliens.

    Pretty soon we'll all be like the indians at Mesa Verde, where the
    cliff dwellings are. Even the professors don't know what happen to
    'em. One day, thousands of injuns... the next, they're all gone. A
    long time ago, so the experts say. What happen to Mesa Verde people
    is guesswork.

    Just like Fox Mulder said on the X-Files. "They" know the date...
    And why did he pick 21 Dec 1212 in the finale episode? That's the day
    the Mayan calendar ends. Perhaps this marks 2000 years since our Lord
    Jesus Christ? Maybe the ancients lost a few years here and there and
    this is really 1988? This possibility should not be overlooked.

    Someone out there knows the truth, and the truth is out there. I
    myself have bits of the truth, but not the entire picture. Like the
    ant, I lack the field of view to see it all.

    I wonder if man will be around in five hundred years? Or just a burnt
    planet spinning in the void of space?

    Time is a strange dimension - the other three we can travel, but this
    time thing is the ultimate enigma, and goes only forward. But in my
    mind's eye I can travel time. I can recall 1988 as if it were
    yesterday, but go there I cannot, at least in the flesh.

    If I could travel back, and change just a few moments... how
    different life might be.

    God must live outside time, possess all of it. He's not watching us.
    He is us, at least in part. He is all time, and we are in His time.
    Being all things at all times, we are part of God - his children if
    you prefer but ultimately the meaning is the same.

    God is the three dimensions integrated over time, or all things, the
    known universe added to infinity. Perhaps this is why our personal
    failures bother the Lord God, for being part of Him, we soil not only
    our own selves with the sins of the flesh.

    You will read in the Book of Revelation that the "Testimony of Jesus
    is the gift of prophecy", and indeed that is true. The Seven Deadly
    Sins separate us from that testimony, and therefore strips most of the
    gift of prophecy.

    I like the think that the indians of Mesa Verde found some
    enlightening thing. Perhaps they overcame the material world and the
    Lord God found favor with them, and took them back to heaven in the
    blinking of an eye.

    Maybe they served their punishment here in purgatory. Yes, purgatory.
    Somewhere along the way you died, but you are not aware of it. The
    transition from life to death was transparent and you don't know
    you're dead. You don't know this is purgatory.

    The rich banker lords are the demons that serve Satan in this place,
    this purgatory. You see their mansions on the hills. Here in
    purgatory they are the overlords, absolute rulers who keep us at each
    other. And you are taught by the Graven Image Box (TV) to admire

    But they are poor in spirit and will pass even further down... into

    For us merry band of brothers and sisters, we close our eyes and can
    envision a different world, where the Love of God shines in pure
    radiance eternally and fear becomes a thing of the past. And for
    once, you can rest in the hand of God.

    Peace, eternal peace. The Germans have a word for this, "ruhe", which
    implies rest, relaxed, at ease, and well-being all at the same time.
    I can only dream of it!

    You do realize that at one time man thought that speeds of 60 miles
    per hour would rip the body apart. Perhaps what keeps us in this
    Purgatory is nothing more than the sum of our own fears, thoughts that
    "if we leave, our flesh will rip apart."

    Sometimes I can almost release all fear completely and go to the other
    place, the other time, and escape the Hatred and find the tranquil
    pools of Heaven, the Citadel of Valhalla and the Rhine Sisters, or
    Elysian Fields - someplace where I can rest, a put my defenses down
    for just a moment.

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  • BrendaCloutier

    The cliff dwelling indians are not gone. They've just moved on to where each pueblo is supposed to be at this time in their history. This is part of their prophecy. The Hopi are on 3rd mesa and surrounded and protected by the Navajo. The other pueblo tribes are in their proper locations: The Zuni, the Jimez, Santa Clara, etc.

  • silentWatcher

    Franz, You are getting too close. The black helicoptors should be arriving shortly... -silent

  • kid-A

    Jim, I find this thread most is not likely to live long and prosper......

  • Clam

    Keep 'em coming brother Franz

  • Tigerman

    I don't know the answer to your question. However, in my humble opinion concerning the body of your post, you may be right or you may be wrong.

  • JamesThomas
    God must live outside time, possess all of it. He's not watching us.

    He is us, at least in part. He is all time, and we are in His time.

    Being all things at all times, we are part of God - his children if

    you prefer but ultimately the meaning is the same.

    You're getting warm, but fail to see that it is the mind's amazing imagination which breaks God and universe into pieces and dramatic stories.

    If you can think it, or believe it, or write it, it's not IT.


  • Leolaia

    The Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012 not because of some doom-and-gloom prophecy (and for the Maya, the end of the present age is the birth of the next), but because this is the only day in almost 26,000 years in which the sun is located along both the ecliptic and the galactic equator on the winter solstice (see the pictures below). The galactic equator is the midline along the length of the Milky Way, which runs through the constellation of Sagittarius, and is a region of dark sky in the midst of the dense Milky Way. This is a location of mythological significance to the Maya, as the cosmic creator the Maize God (who travels along the ecliptic) would be able to ascend up the World Tree (the Milky Way, along the "dark road") to the dark netherworld of the polar celestial axis and be reborn. For more info on the significance of the Milky Way to the Maya, see the following webpage:

    Because of precession (the wobble in the earth's axis), the actual location of the sun in the sky during the solstice creeps forward from year to year. The precessional cycle is completed every 25,800 years, and observations made over the course of several hundred years (if accurate records are kept) could be used to extrapolate the complete cycle. It is completely arbitrary which start point one chooses to mark the cycle, and thus there is no inherent meaning in December 21, 2012 other than the mythological significance of the location of the sun in that part of the sky on that date. In AD 600 the sun was at the intersection of the ecliptic and the galactic equator on November 29. In AD 1200, the sun was there on December 3rd. In 1914, the sun was there on the day before the winter solstice (i.e. December 21, with the solstice the next day). In 2012, it will be at this location on the winter solstice, and then in AD 2300, the sun will arrive at the galactic equator on December 27th. In AD 3300, the sun will be there on January 9th. In AD 9000, the sun will reach the galactic equator on March 29. And so, the date the sun will reach this point will travel throughout the year until about 25,800 years after 2012 will it return to this location.

    On how the Mayans made accurate astronomical measurements without help from ETs or Atlantis, see also from the same site:

  • Madame Quixote
    Madame Quixote

    You lost me after "elliptic" and "gallactic" equator. I did not know of the galactic equator. You are an astronomer (not an astrologer)? If you're into astrology, I'm not talking to you. But if you're really a scientist (an astronomer), I'll bite (when I'm soberer).

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