Does anyone know about Charles and the Pyramid stone

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  • mydiscounts

    they say that at Charles Russell grave site there is a prymid on top I am not sure if this is true but wanted to know more because the pyramid is a sign of for great wealth and I was wondering if deep down he worshiped them.

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    Enigma One

    Does anyone know about Charles and the Pyramid stone - Isn't that the next Harry Potter book?


  • NowImFree

    I have heard about the pyramid shaped monument at his grave and I've seen pictures of it. I think it is about 6 feet tall. I know someone who has seen it in person and I would like to also. From what I've read, Russell was obsessed with the pyramids in Egypt and thought that one of the pyramids was God's stone witness, kind of like second to the bible or something. He used the lengths of some of the passages to supposedly come up with some of his dates for end of the world. So he was definitely into pyramidology. If he idolized them, I don't know but it kind of seems like he did.


  • mydiscounts
    mydiscounts look at this one clearly his grave site, this confuses me, why would he want a pyramid?

    I heard that they represent money and well he did create a wealthy business.

  • blondie

    You might enjoy reading what he had to say about the Great Pyramid in the Studies in the Scriptures>

    And what some current Bible Students believe:

  • kid-A

    CT Russell was fascinated with Pyramidology, a brief fad among mystic circles around the turn of the century. He consulted with a prominent expert on the measurement of the pyramid of Giza, a Professor of astronomy, Piazzi Smyth. Smyth actually edited Russells chapter on Pyramidology in his book, Thy Kingdom Come, of which I actually have an original copy, published in 1891! Smyth actually writes a glowing letter of approval to Russell at the beginning of the chapter. Russell then goes on to calculate several prophetic dates, including 1914 as being the end of the world.

    A little known fact, Russell also predicted that the year 1910 (pages 363-364) would be the start of the end of organized religion, also based on measurements of pyramid walls.

    I really wish this book was still in print, its fascinating to see the bizarre workings of Russells mind and the utter hocus pocus that early Watchtower chronology was based on. My copy is still in good shape and even has the original leather binding from 1891! LOL

  • Kenneson
  • stillAwitness

    My copy is still in good shape and even has the original leather binding from 1891

    Its gotta be worth something. I'd look into it.

  • greendawn

    There is definitely a pyramid with masonic symbols engraved on it near his grave which understandably makes people think that Russell was a free mason. He most likely was one.

    He was making measurements in the pyramid to back up his 1914 end of the world date. That is pyramidology an occultic branch.

  • DannyHaszard

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