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  • jeanniebeanz

    Unbelievable show of religious intolerance on the part of the JW's.


  • greendawn

    Russell respected the cross but the demonic Rutherford alienated them from it but he was also arguing that medical science is just as pagan as the cross. They later accepted doctors but never the cross. They are unbalanced extremists.

  • Clam

    A school near me is dropping next Christmas's nativity play due to all the Dub Kids. It's outrageous really. I do think it's about time that Hot Cross Buns were banned though. They could easily attract demon activity when toasted.


  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    I have always loved hot cross buns, and my mom always bought them when we were kids. I guess it's how extreme you want to take things.


  • Pleasuredome

    i think the WTS will be scrunching their toes at this one. i think there'll be a few phone calls from the echelon to tell the bros not to make issues out of petty thgings like this. bad PR if you ask me.

  • blondie

    My question is, did the JWs ask the school to drop these, flag salute, hot cross buns, nativity scene or was it the school administration's idea to "make things more comfortable" for the JWs?

    I think it was the latter based on how the schools around here have acted. JWs have not asked for these to be ended, but school administrations have second guessed or read minds of JWs.

    I grew up as a JW child in many school systems and never did I, my parents, or the JWs in the area request that a school system stop the flag salute, eliminate holiday events to accommodate JWs. Actually, the WTS says that JW children not participate themselves but not insist that others refrain.

    Does anyone have any proof that the JWs asked the school system to end these things?


  • A Paduan
    A Paduan
    Hot cross buns are a pagan symbol of fertility no different to bunnies, eggs and Easter.

    I get off on hearing the words of wisdom from jws - the more bizarre the better

    The more bizarre the quicker the ship is sinking


    I will DEFINITELY get hot cross buns this Easter

  • Leolaia

    *** w63 4/15 p. 247 Easter—What Are Its Origins? ***

    Yes, what a discredit to associate such pagan appendages as hot cross buns, eggs, rabbits or hares, eternal fire and suchlike with the greatest of all miracles, the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, from the dead, one of the paramount truths of Christianity! True, children need entertainment—and adults too—but surely there are better forms than those that make a pagan caricature of the great truths of God’s Word!

  • deeskis


    there was some publicity in australian newspapers a couple of years ago about schools not singing christmas carols etc due to respecting the beliefs of our minority students. Australia has some large moslem and bhuddist communities. I don't think the suggestions took hold, as my kids still sing these songs at school.

    It reminds me of "south Park's" angle on a similar issue........ (yep, call me a sickie........i love southpark)

    Mr Hankie, the Christmas poo!...........bwahahahaha

    anyway I emailed my comments to the newspaper concerned:


    feel the banning of the hotcross bun is pandering to a desire for political correctness run amok.

    the witness's choose not to believe in the cross. why should everyone else kowtow to their ideosyncracies.

    what next - demolishing all "crossroad intersections"!!?


    Keep up the good work Danny


  • Think

    Separation of the state from the church?

    Here we go again ! If JW don't like buns, they also should not be allowed to pedlle theirs magazines, books and beliefs at school.

    If they have problem with religious symbols, then don't look at them, don't buy them, don't worship them. USA or any other country in this world is JW state, if they have problems with religious freedom, they show how very intolerant they are. Why, should only JW be allowed to enjoy this priviledge?

    They like to impose their man-made-Ru$$ell false beliefs and false Prophesies on others. They can go in the jungle and create their own JW State !

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