Brits migrating to Australia

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  • wombat

    Hey Unc...Queensland's population has doubled since '75.

    Maybe it's because life is so happy and beautiful here that everyone has lots of sex.

  • unclebruce

    Arise Sir Wombat thou hast redeemed thyself!

    Queensland is full of Victorians now (another reason to avoid the place

    unc from the sapphire coast

  • wombat

    Unc..The reason Victoria's population is declining is the cold weather. The cold really makes the turtle pull it's head in.

  • ozziepost
    It's a shame that our Government (it so appears) allowed the Wheat Board to give Saddam a $300 million bribe to buy our wheat. The Canadians knocked back a similar offer but Australia took him up on his offer.

    Saddam used that money to pay the families of suicide bombers in Palestine.

    I am really ashamed to be an Australian at the moment.

    So are a lot of people - to think that the downunder mob actually voted in the traitorous Howard, who's sold this greatest land away to be a toadie of George Dubya, another merry can megolamaniac.

    It seems that like us with Howard the merry cans are stuck with George.

  • serendipity

    Where is the best place in Australia to live, in terms of jobs and entertainment?

  • wombat

    Serendipity....No question....Sydney ...if you can afford it.

    Otherwise give me your budget and I'll come up with other suggestions..

    Really, all places rock if you know where to go.

  • unbeliever

    I've always been very facinated with Australia, more so than any other country. At one point while in college I was going to study there for a semester but I just could not come up with the money. I am finally at a point in my life where I could actually afford to go. I just don't want to travel by myself so it might be a year or more before I could go but I definetly plan to visit. If I love it that is one country I would consider moving to.

  • wombat

    Unbeliever... You would find it a very easy place to visit. This is a true multi-cultural society. If someone is a good person they are treated as such. If someone is an ar*sehole they will be treated as such.

    A 16 year old female amateur school student today won the Australian Womens Golf Masters at her nearby golf course. She beat the best in the world. Okay, she was born in Korea but she is Australian.

    Nearly half of our population are only second generation Australians. Recently we have seen a big intake of East Africans from refugee camps. They are adding another depth of colour.

    The food here is fantastic. A variety of everything on earth.

    There are a few problems from disaffected Australian -born Muslims encouraged by a few dick head Imams but they are being sorted out.

    I've always got a couple of spare bedrooms for anyone interesting.


  • greendawn

    What sort of skilled workers are they looking for? Australia is a great country and though moving home within the same country let alone another one can be very stressful at first, in Australia the culture will not be all that different.
    I know one guy that moved there but came back because his body couldn't adjust to the hot weather. Another girl liked it and stayed there.

  • deeskis

    You guys!!!, I had to have an early night last night and missed all the goodhearted aussie slagging banter!!

    Hey Wombat, how's your mum, hope her burns are improved. skin gets so fragile in the elderly. Poor darling.......hope she's over it.

    Cheers unc, I'm from the south coast too, but not as low as you (hehe on the map i mean) We're good friends with Nick and Margaret Theris, you may know them, and have been down your way a few times to visit them.

    Ellie, sorry you're plans didn't work out before, you should check again though, often the rules change. and maybe you could think of a three to five year plan in doing some further training to allow you to apply. I know that Oz is desperate for nurses, and you'd be welcomed with open arms in that case.

    Greendawn, Wombat will have to answer you on what other trades are needed. I didn't see the newspaper article he quoted.

    Serendipity. The best place to's all relative to what you want, need and like. There's a bit of competition between Sydney and Melbourn as to which is better. For me Sydney wins, more beaches, and the harbour. But I hate living in the city, too big, noisy, etc. I live in a small town, around 10,000 people, south of Sydney. We still have good entertainment, living costs are cheaper, but not so much job availability. We're still close enough to go up to Sydney and see some big name live acts when we want. (3 hour drive). Dec I saw the foo fighters.....they rocked. Also saw Peter Frampton........he's still got it, but doesn't look anything like he used to. also just bought tickets to see Buddy Guy and Robert Cray in April.........should go off!!

    Best wishes


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