Help Wanted - Watching Watchtower Money

by unclebruce 22 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • Ozner

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    Official Donation Website of the Britain Society

  • ozziepost

    G'day unc,

    I reckons ya should be thankin' that papa-in-law of yours - he got you sparking back here again!

    While ya doin' that fosikin' around, you might recall the stuff-up with hall ownerships and the embezzlements back in South Oz. Remember that?

    Cheers, Ozzie (unc friendly class)

  • Celia
    in the top ten New York enterprises

    if they are, aren't they supposed to be audited? Aren't their finances accessible to anyone who wants to study them ?

    Nice to see UncleBruce in here again

  • Sunspot
    are you say'n the Watchtower Men are the most evil motherless crap filled bunch of useless no good nazi bullshiters this side of the Brooklyn Bridge? Surely you're not suggesting Jehovahs Witnesses are the most selfish bunch of braindead power hungry hypocrites that ever drew breath on sweet planet earth? You don't mean to say that the Brooklyn Bible Scholars are no more than a squad of shit filled suits hellbent on exerting their pathetic brand of psuado-religious authorita over the poor, stupid, helpless needy vulnerable folk who just happen to answer their doors on a bad brain day? ....

    I couldn't have said it better myself!

    Nice to see you posting here again.


  • greendawn

    It's good to see the loving personna of the FDS getting penetrated so that the real rapacious face beneath will be revealed, or to be able to discern what's really going on behind the scenes. The great depth of their hypocrisy is hard to grasp.

  • Golf

    Howdy UB. I see you've been busy resurrecting the past, more power to you! Gee, if you can do that as a human, just think of what you can accomplish as a spirit !

    Interesting post. Yeah right, they don't solicit!!!!! Isn't ASKING to aid in the worldwide preaching work in whatever 'manner' solicitation?

    Like the 911 espisode, where were the elite rich of the world? These SOB's own the so-called charitable organizations and we get the impression that these monies help the victims, what crap! A small % is given to make it look good. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The middle class is on it's way out. I'll see you there UB.


  • Think

    The Watchtower Lunacy Society:

    " We are the Gift to the world " !

    "We are the salt of the earth" !

    Meaning: we are the toxic poison of the earth !

  • ezra

    uncle bruce,you didnt mention that the watchtower society does not sell for profit.i remember going to a catholic church and right in the lobby they sold items for had to buy your rosary.......i have never bought the bible aids and bibles that i own,and never was asked to pay for them.your father owned the things you are describing to us why do you think you have the right to tell him what to do with these things.people make contributions to charities and museums and scholarship funds with what they owned in life,why should this be viewed as any different.and the money that is used in the headquarters in new york is my money and others money that we contributed.we understand that these financial contributions are neccessary to keep producing literature and to build kingdom halls and to further the preaching work.when china took over hong kong they needed a tool that was readily available in both chinese and the hong kong language and they requested that the watchtower send my book of bible stories so they could teach each other the two languages .not only do we benefit from making donations but others that are not even of our faith benefit by our efforts.if you really want to look at misuse of funds and outright ownership of literal businesses look at the churches of christendom,how about the catholic church closing churches and having in their possession in the vatican jewels that are priceless ,how do you work it so that the society is the bad guys,i dont get your reasoning

  • belbab

    Long time no see, Uncld Bruise

    Ah, a welcome fresh, balmy breeze wafting up from down under, and bringing some respite to the Pacific Northwest where we have had just about two months of solid rain, pummeling the coast.

    Glad to see you back, I see your language has mellowed out a little, but still has the old spark. Don’t let your lengthy absence hinder your outspokenness, don’t be bashful, let it all hang out and speak your mind. We can take it.

    I see the Watchtower down there is still selling indulgences just like in the days of ole Martin Luther. Nail a few proclamations on the Kingdom Hall doors, figuratively speaking.

    You say that your father in law elder gave half the house to the Watchtower, which half? Hope it is the half with the shitter. I hope you got someone living in your half and kinda spilling over into the other half. And keep a big ole ram in the front yard. Wasn’t there a court case about a ram bunting out a Jay Dub door to door walker, down there once?

    So what I am saying in three words is: Contest! Contest! Contest! an’ don’t feel shy about it. I heard recently, from someone who seems to be in the know, and he never told me not to repeat it, but WT Department of Financial Affairs (TM reg) has a policy that they will settle out of court for a sum of fifty thousand to one hundred and twenty thousand to avoid the legal costs of going to court. If it goes over that limit, they will do battle and no holds barred right down to your undy pants. So raise some stink, get it into the newspapers if you can.

    So even by posting on this board you are making your humble, timid intentions known to them. I believe some of their legal boys, even skip reading the morning Bible day text, and spend the time in perusing the events being revealed on this board. It keeps them on their toes, with one hand on their wallet and the other hand scratching their asses wondering what to do.

    To hold their attention I started a post called FOLLOW THE MONEY AND COVER THE TRACKS at:

    One of the posts there by Merry Auld Soul mentions the name JAMES MC CABE esq. handling some real estate for some New York financiers in Brooklyn. Do a Google on him.

    Your salutation, Welcome Tax Dodgers, is lacking an appropriate adjective.

    It should be the Brooklyn Tax Dodgers, however I heard they moved to Callyfonia, a few years back. McCabe, is their manager out there, I believe.

    Hang in there and keep us posted. belbab

  • Think

    ScamTower society:

    Pedllers of HOPE ?

    If you don't buy, you will die !

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