New Watchtower credit card?

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  • moshe

    I was thinking how the WT might soon work a deal with Mastercard to milk the brothers for some easy money. Their slogan will be- "There's are some things money can't buy, for everything else there's Watchtowercard" They could make millions on credit card fee kickbacks. I just need a good logo for this new credit card-hmm- any ideas everyone?



  • Think

    Buy insurance from Amagedon NOW ,

    only at Watchtower.

  • moshe

    You're right ,Think- why stop at credit cards. Branch into insurance for the brothers, too. Instead of the Geico gecko, what could they use that would appeal to the brothers?


  • Highlander

    They could also provide a checking and savings account that includes a Visa CheckCard.

    member FDIC insured up to 144,000 $

  • blondie

    I don't think the WTS wants to share the profits with the banks or the credit card companies.


    w75 11/1 p. 651 Insight on the News ***


    Now, Pay Later"

    • The phrase "pray now, pay later" appeared in a headline of the Philadelphia "Inquirer" in reporting on a church experiment due to go into effect shortly. A group of ten U.S. religions, including some major Lutheran, Episcopal, Methodist and Baptist denominations, have decided to try church collections by credit card. The experiment, sponsored by the National Council of Churches, will encourage participating church members to authorize credit-card transfers of a specified contribution to their church each month. The idea, a Council spokesman says, is that "this will provide the local church with regular income whether or not the local congregation is in attendance," especially in "off-seasons," like summer vacation time. The report on the experiment says that those joining the program will be "giving unto business what belongs to business—a profit." How so? "Participating banks will charge 65 cents a transaction, and the credit card companies will rake off 3 percent of every donation." Obviously someone benefits, but how much spiritual benefit is the modern churchgoer getting?


    g73 12/8 p. 29 Watching the World ***



    · Some religious organizations are going to new ends to acquire money. The Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church in Buffalo, New York, now accepts credit cards, not just cash donations. One finance committee member says: "A church can’t survive on 50-cent [cash] donations." Credit-card donations are up to $30. Admission is now being charged visitors to London’s thirteenth-century Salisbury Cathedral. A London Observer article calls this "a last-ditch attempt to find a way of meeting the desperate need for funds."

  • IronClaw

    How bout some perks?

    • $100.00 spent = 1 hour of FS
    • $500.00 spent = Get out of next 5 Sunday meetings card
    • $1000.00 spent = Appointment to MS
    • $5000.00 spent = Grand tour of Bethel, including Patterson also lunch with WT Pres.
    • $10,000 spent = Induction into the Annointed Class
    • $50,000 or higher = Governing body status ( must be voted on by current membership )
  • Think

    Donate $ 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

    and you don't DIE at armagedon.

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