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  • jgnat

    Building on the college theme is even better than my idea.

  • cyd0099

    So what's the route of your cruise? If you're leaving from Seattle I could come down and send you off with a bottle of "Bon Voyage"

  • Honesty

    Next week it's the meeting.

    Next month Richie will be giving his first 45 minute talk on Sunday morning to the delight of all attendees.

    His topic: How does God feel about higher education?

  • truthseeker

    Richie, I'm surprised that your elders are having a meeting with all the brothers about "reaching out."

    We had our meeting like this last month, but I thought it was just our congregation doing it.

    If ours is anything like yours, this is what you can expect.

    1. The elders will NOT SAY WHY they are having a meeting.

    2. They will do the meeting in symposiums, each brother assigned to give a talk'

    3. Ministerial servants will be interviewed, expect them to say, "after all Jehovah has done for me, how could I not reach out?"

    4. You may be told that it's not difficult to be a ministerial servant, all you need to do is the BASICS - these are regular meeting attendance, regular participation in field ministry and regular study habits.

    5. What they won't tell you, (and didn't tell us) was that you have to be doing AT LEAST 10 HOURS A MONTH to be considered as a candidate for ministerial servant by the CO.

    6. they will use the parable of the slave and the talents. In our meeting, an elder said, "that all you brothers are the belongings that Jesus has given the faithful slave control over." Are we going to be like the slave who buried his talent? (In other words, are we going to brush off the meeting and stay comfy?"

    7. Some brothers left after the service meeting and were not inclined to attend the "special meeting for all brothers."

    Best of luck!!!

  • LuckyNun

    That cruise to Alaska sound like fun! One of these days, my husband and I will go, as I miss seeing the Northern Lights. Even though it's not for a while, make sure to take tons of pictures, and share when you get back! Since you're going in the summer, you'll get to have 20-hour days!

    Yeah, you don't want to go to Vegas. Haven't you ever watched CSI? People die like flies, there! At least TWO grisly murders a week, and its mostly the tourists! ;P

  • troucul

    rock out with your cock out brother...

  • LuckyNun

    um...thanks for the visual... ;P

  • troucul

    is it better than jammin' out with your clam out?

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