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  • RichieRich


    Before everyone gets upset, yes I do realize I have been gone for just over a week, and yes, I do realize thats not acceptable. I apologize.

    We'll start things off right. My grandmother wants to send all her kids on a vacation for their graduation from high school. Last year, my cousin went to Las Vegas. She asked me if I wanted to go to Vegas, and I told her I really had no desire to go to Vegas (I really dont). Then she said she'd like to send me on a cruise to Alaska. I accepted. I've always wanted to go there. SO I leave for Alaska 6 days after I graduate. I can't wait.

    You all know I'm very heavily involved with working in Photoshop, and that I plan to pursue a career in the graphics field. Well, in Miami in March is "Photoshop World", a "district convention" of graphics. I was just telling my mother about it, and she actually WANTS ME TO GO. Only thing is shell be going along too... But she isn't going to come to the show itself... so I definitely have a sneaky oppurtunity there for some Latina Lovin, and maybe a little apostate meet and greet... Anybody going to Photoshop World? Pm me if you are...

    On the Homefront, the elders are having a little meeting with all the brothers in the hall to talk about expanding our service. I don't want to go, but I'm going, just to tell yall about it. here's the itenerary they handed out:


    What do you guys think??

    I'll be around this evening...

  • candidlynuts

    dang! all these activities you have coming up! i refuse to ever feel bad for you again lol

    good luck at the elders meeting.. will we get another bathroom mirror pic?

  • jgnat

    A few things stood out.

    • MEN huh? I guess there's no room for WOMEN JUDGES these days.
    • A lot of "reaching out". I have this persistent image of all these men, arms stiffly extended...I don't know if I should get excited or shout Heil Hitler.
    Ther will be ample opportunity for all to have a share in commenting on the many questions that will be prepared for this discussion.

    • Besides the spelling mistake, I couldn't help notice that this is exactly backwards from a standard business meeting. Four fifteen-minute presentations, with no opportunity to open the floor to questions. No, the questions will be prepared, and the audience is expected to prepare for an appropriate response. How odd.
  • jgnat

    How about laying out an increasingly absurd set of scenarios, about whether a brother should "reach out"or not?

    • He's a newlywed. Should he obey the OT grace period for the first year, or has it been superceded by...what?
    • His wife has a new baby and she is often exhausted and needs his help.
    • He has ageing parents and he has been going on the weekends to help around the house so they don't go in to a nursing home.
    • He develops painful boils on the bottom of his feet?
  • HappyDad

    Go for it my "fantasy" (hey.......they got fantasy football etc.) adopted son! Take advantage of every opportunity of having a real and meaningful life that you can.

    You are the envy of many.........not only here on JWD..........but most likely in your hometown.

    Gawd..........I wish I was 40 years younger to have the opportunity you have in life!

    Please keep us posted on all of your activities........including those "extracurricula" ( spelling ) ones. hehe!!

    HappyDad (of the wishing I was the apostate kid (young adult) class tonight)

  • Quentin

    Photoshop eh?...that's snap-dandy...I no longer admire you...I envy you...have a good time..

  • Blueblades

    Richie, This a meeting that they have every now and then. It's to get the brothers to do more in the congregation and the field service. Reaching out is another way of saying do more, do more.


  • freedomlover

    Richie - you lucky dude! cruise to Alaska. It's an amazing place, you'll have the time of your life. We want pics!!

    Also, Miami! too cool for you. and did you know the Latin ladies love the white dudes down there??!! We wants pics!! no wait....maybe not....he he he


  • Bryan

    Funny how you never post boring stuff like "I like spinach now!"

    Alaska is very cool... in more ways than one.

    I say Reach Out! You could be the 007 we wish we could be. Become an elder and you can scan all the elder's letters and post for us!

    Take care Dude!


  • jschwehm

    Hey Richie:

    Just tell all of them that you will fit in the reaching-out in the congregation while attending college. Make sure you keep saying over and over again in the meeting how you are going to college.

    Do you think the elders would appreciate that?

    Jeff S.

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