'Let's see what the Society says about it first.."

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  • mkr32208

    This always makes me so mad!!!!!!!

    My mom works for the legal department of the railroad. She works in the environmental law dept. She makes decisions that effect literally MILLIONS of people and BILLIONS of dollars worth of equipment and potential revenue loss (think about a full train of toxic waste!) and yet she can't make her own f#cking decisions on things like approved rooms for the assemblies! Helllllloooo mom it's pretty simple the approved rooms agreed to give the society a percentage of the room price! Can you say 'kickback'? Hello Haliburton!

    This is INSANE!

  • Think

    Everybody knows why they advise buy here or here, right ?

    You know, that they are playing the stock market, right?

    Make no mistake.

    They advice/ORDER what is good for THEM, not you.

    They care about you, like about the snow from last year.

  • moshe

    Does the Society get a "cut" of the room rates from the Hotel? They find hotels that will give them a fee for getting 50-100 rooms booked by the brothers for the conventions. Makes sense to me.


  • stillAwitness

    Interesting theory moshe. Why else would they insist on you having to use the ones the lodging list and making sure you mention that you "are one of jw's" once you call them.

    Plus, the rooms seem like there the basic price. What's up with that discount that we get that they always talk about. Has anyone ever noticed this also?

  • rekless

    sorry to say, I was a nut case Dad and my wife was a nut case Mom.We did everything by what would the society say. JUst trying tp please Hovah by pleasing this earthly channel. Loooking back what an ass I was. Dan from the class of 30 years+ of "Wasted Days and Wasted Nights"

  • greendawn

    It shows how slavishly the JWs have to follow rules, as if it's not enough that they have to spend money on hotels to attend WTS assemblies where they will be further brain washed. They can't even have full freedom to choose the cheapest hotels.

  • IP_SEC

    Atleast your mom was trying to look it up herself instead of calling the secretary.

  • stillAwitness

    Good point!

  • willyloman

    Just to clarify, in the years I was involved with Room Service the hotels we contacted were never asked for nor did they offer a cash kickback or commission. However, it is standard in the hotel business to give free rooms for every X rooms a group books. So a hotel agreed to block 50 rooms for your convention, at whatever their convention rate was (and it was always lower than the published or "rack" rate). In turn, if these rooms were all reserved by your people, the hotel would make a couple of free rooms available to your group.

    Often these would be suites, rooms that are seldom reserved during big conventions. These rooms would go to the Bethel heavies who traveled to the convention to speak. If there were regular hotel/motel room freebies, these might be parceled out by the Convention Overseer or his staff to rank and file workers. But that's rare.

  • mkr32208

    A kickback is a kickback... Do you think that because congress can't get cash kickbacks they don't get any?

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