Your favourite PC games?

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    Anyone know of any really good pinball games?

    Not any current ones, but I grew up in the heyday of the video arcade and played much pinball. I liked Black Knight, Eight Ball Deluxe, Sea Witch and Fireball Classic, with a spinning plate in the centre you could activate. That was a kick. Others I'd know to see.

    The first PC game I got into was Tie Fighter, back in the mid 90s. Had the CH flightstick and throttle combo for hands on feel. Patched serial cable to my roommate's PC and played Descent II head to head. Good times. I like spaceflight simulation games. X3 was pretty good.

    I love real time strategy games like Age of Empires and Shogun II but also turn based ones like Civilization V. Picked up one called War Leaders: Clash of Nations, a turn based WWII global strategy thing. I played Japan and not only took over Pacific including blockading the US west coast but Austrailia, the Far East and marched all over Russia as far as Norway. Flawless victory, lol.

    I always enjoy the game Generals and Ghost Recon.

    I got into Ghost Recon and played it online a lot, sometimes remoting into buddies LAN party. Had some good mods for it. Awesome game. GR 2 & 3 were improvements with better squad control. Also played much Battlefield 2 online; it's built in VoIP was great when you weren't playing with ubergamerfascistpunks. So many hours online but that was awhile ago; haven't played online for years and the RPG games ain't my thing.

    But Ghost Recon Future Soldier came out recently and I picked it up. Liking it...

  • talesin

    Twitch, Sea Witch was my favorite pinball game. :)

    I am learning Neverwinter Nights (woo hoo, the ultimate D&D!), and used to play WCIII and Diablo 2.


  • Twitch
    Twitch, Sea Witch was my favorite pinball game. :)

    Yea, I remember that one. I thought Williams made the best tables overall; just something about them...

  • kurtbethel

    It has been a long time since I did much gaming, so these would be dated. I really enjoyed Oregon Trail II. The original was too cartoony and the later ones tried to hard to be like a movie. II was perfect for playability. I also liked Lemmings. I mostly played it on the Amiga computer, but played the PC port some. One more I like is Frozen Bubble. It comes pretty standard with a Linux system.

    Oregon Trail II

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