JW ghost, demon, superstition stories

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  • Kaethra

    crap like the stuff Leolaia quoted was force-fed to us even as small children...and my parents had the nerve to wonder why I was too scared to sleep in my own room until I was 12!

  • Jamelle

    I have heard some of these stories before and some are new to me. What always frightened me most as a child was my mother telling me about the "experiences" her best friend had. (Keep in mind my mother has mental issues - for real - I wish I was joking about that.)

    Two seperate stories, both involving her best friend (a JW sister). A woman I knew, I played with her little girl at their house, etc.

    According to my mother, on one occasion this friend of hers had purchased a magazine rack from a garage sale. I believe she told me that part of the wood for the rack came from an Ouija board, but I can't say for sure. Anyway, it was supposed to be demonized. My mother's friend had stored it in a closet.

    While alone in the house, this sister opened the door to the closet and was immediately thrown back across the room and pinned to the bed. She couldn't breathe or escape. When she finally managed to say the word "Jehovah" out loud, she was released.

    The other story was about this same sister having the carpet float or levitate above the floor in one room of the house. Prayers were done by the elders and it didn't happen again.

    Soooo...either my mother had heard these stories and put a familiar name on them to scare the bejesus out of a little kid (which she would consider a necessary evil - it was just another way to "keep me in line") or...her friend was seriously troubled and shared these experiences with my mother. Whether she really experienced anything supernatural is a matter for debate. She was a very nervous, high strung woman who had a host of physical ailements. I could see her creating those events in her own mind.

    I still have nightmares every once in a long while about this kind of thing. And I still wake up screaming the name "Jehovah!". Of course it comes out as a cracked and broken whisper as I am waking up. It's been months, even years, since the last one.

    I hate that the crap I grew up with is still affecting me! But I really appreciate the humorous stories posted here. Laughter is a powerful tool against the brainwashing.

    Walking smurf dolls...LOL!

  • Honesty

    Hmmmm.... wonder why the JW's are so concerned about demons if they have such a powerful god.

  • calico
    Like humans, all demons have different personalities. Whereas some demons are content with playing practical jokes, others are more evil, in a variety of ways. One smurf doll was possessed by a particularly nasty demon who happened to be a rapist. One day, he cornered a Jehovah's Witness sister in a dark alley and started to rape her. Remembering her Watchtower training, she screamed as loud as she could and fought back. The smurf was so surprised that he stopped his attack and asked her why she reacted like this, when other women would just give in. The sister then gave him a thorough witness. The smurf was so impressed that he began to study and today is serving as an elder in a congregation in Minnesota. True story.

    !!!!!! Raped by a smurf--OH! MY!

  • hallelujah

    All this stuff is actually pretty serious when witnesses start believing they are possessed by demons - and I've seen it, and calling out to Jehovah year after year doesn't help them.

  • hallelujah
    There is the story of the sister who was out in service and called on a man. After she left the door, she was approached by two police officers who said that the man had just killed the last two people who had come to his door. When they arrested him, they asked him why they didn't kill the JW woman. He said that he wouldn't touch her because of the two big guys with her. She was alone.
    I was told that one when I was studying!

    I heard this too. Why is there no evidence of it actually happening, i.e. times, dates, names, who was killed etcetera.

  • Ellie

    The night before my sister got babtised she hung her new assembly dress in the wardrobe, went to sleep and when she got up the next morning her room smelt of dog dirt and her dress was ripped to shreds.

    Also, when my dad first started to study he came home from the KH to find his daughter (my half sister) doing a oiujji (however you spell it) board, and the board spelt out "Kill Eric", my dad was Eric.

    Before I was born my dad was listening to some composer who was apparentely possesed, all of a sudden there was a huge whirl wind in the living room, everything started flying everywhere, so he turned the music off and it stopped.

    First time I've been able to talk about this without being scared, excellent!

  • Crumpet

    Something struck me as I was reading the excerpts of experiences someone posted here from the magazines - all of them sound like they are written by teh same person. These are not experiences as they were related in an interview at all are they. The language and choice of words is exactly the same for everyone whether they are a "san francisco" drug dealer or a villager in Africa.

    I would never have spotted this before!

  • EAGLE-1

    Heard em all including floating books,possessed second hand dolls,satanic silver ware,and all the usual haunting stories that appeared on the twilight zone and the outer limits.Seen my mom burn a doll in the yard.One could only imagine what the neighbors thought.

  • RunningMan

    Good stories, Ellie. I will use some of them.

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