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  • Spectre

    "The year 607 BCE is the only year that works with the Bible." Uhhmmm, no, its the only year that works when desperately trying to backpedal on a failed false prophesy.

  • Shazard

    One more (I know JW does not believe in bible what it says when it says against their believes) anti 607 proof only from bible alone.
    Read Jer 29:
    1 This is the text of the letter that the prophet Jeremiah sent from Jerusalem to the surviving elders among the exiles and to the priests, the prophets and all the other people Nebuchadnezzar had carried into exile from Jerusalem to Babylon.
    10 This is what the LORD says: "When seventy years are completed for Babylon, I will come to you and fulfill my gracious promise to bring you back to this place.
    Now check... verse 10 is in the SAME letter Jeremia is writing in Verse 1 FROM JERUSALEM to all the people carried into EXILE.
    Read verse 10... LORD is comforting (well kind a) Exile poeple that 70 years will pass when they can return. So here are facts.
    Jeremia is writing from Jerusalem (so it is still in places) to people in exile (allready) and tells them about 70 years. So I guess that these 70 years are atleast from begining of THE people exile. So people getting this letter was comforted that they will be in exile no more than 70 years, but Jeruaslem STILL standing.
    The 2 verses for HONEST men will prove that begining of exile and 70 years IS NOT the same as destruction of Jerusalem. The 2 verses shows that Jerusalem is STANDING when 70 years and exile has began.
    But I know for JW it is not argument!

  • Think

    JW CULT : BOOOO !!!!! You going in Black Hole.

    If the JW CULT is a christian loving religion, WHY, WHY, WHY MILIONS of sheeps walks AWAY ???

    WALK AWAY from False Prophet FAST !

  • Poztate
    truth is more important to about you whats most important to you?

    You are such a kidder... I think you are mistaking truth with...."THE TRUTH™"

  • just2sheep

    anyone that's into to novellas or soaps should really check this site out. i've been watching it for awhile and it isn't just a 607 site it is also a site dedicated to the eradication of all apostate sites by presenting a fanatical view of the watchtower, mostly by these truly idiotic posts from the same four people who it seems are in a turf war with the e-watchmen and his evil minions from the paradise cafe. i crack up at the posts that start out saying something like...."we here at judgement.orgy will never sink to the level of name calling that those apostate,low life, skum sucking, hypocritacal, hypothetical, complete waste of human tissue at e-watchman and paradise cafe will, and now that we have our own little cess pool we completly repudiate anything we ever said or thought while were closly associated with the e-man, or as we refer to him now, e-devil. death to all apostates and heil the borg".... ok this just a paraphrase but if you have a strong stomach and a warped sense of humor, check it out.

  • Hellrider
    greendawn the wbts beleive the 70 years aplyed to the destruction of jerusalem.that being the case 50 years is simply not long enough.

    PMJ now provided us with a textbook-example of a circular argument. He says that "JWs believes the 70 years apply to the (and I assume he means) time between the destruction of Jerusalem and the return of the exiles". Therefore, because we believe this, then it is clear that it couldn`t be 50 years between the destruction of Jerusalem and the return of the exiles...(duh). To clarify (for the sake of PMJ, Scholar, ezra etc): We believe that it was 70 years. Therefore, it could not have been 50 years. (duuhhh...). In philosophy, this is known as a tautology, PMJ. Look it up.

    What annoys me most about these JWs that insists on the 607-date, is that they try to portray this as an issue that is the Bible VS secular history, when this is not the case at all. This whole deal is a dispute between:

    A Biblical interpretation that can harmonize with both the Biblical texts and secular history VS A Biblical interpretation that has a certain agenda in mind ("proving" 1914)

  • Leolaia

    Holy moley, check out this incredible blog linked on that site:

  • Hellrider

    Ha ha, yeah, holy moly, you can say that again. This is from their discussion forum,

    the battle of Apostasy to the tune of the battle of New Orleans (Johnny Horton's hit re-done)

    In 1914 we took a little trip, Along on Colonel Al's board With 3W [?] at his hip.
    We took on E-Watchman, cause he was full of beans
    And we caught the bloody Watchmanites
    Making New Teachings.
    We fired our posts and the Watchmanites kept comin.
    There wasn't nigh as many as there was a while ago.
    We posted once more and they began to runnin' all the way to Pathways and the Gulf of H2O.
    We looked at discussion boards
    and all were owned by Kline.
    And Clones of him were many they were vexing Troubledmind.
    They posted so much, that they made our ears ring
    We stood by our pc’s, and didn’t say a thing
    Old Al said we could take em by surprise if we didn’t call em apostates till we looked em in the eyes
    We held our fire till we see’d there faces well,
    Then we open up our keyboards and we really gave em…well

    They ran through the threads and they raved and they ranted
    And they ran to apostate sites where even Abels couldn’t go
    They ran so fast 3w couldn’t catch em
    All the way to pathways to the gulf of h20

    We fired our keyboard till the café melted down So we grabbed a clone of Kline and fought another round
    We filled the threads with scriptures, but the truth they couldn’t see
    Now there minds are blown , into full apostasy

    Ha ha, this is the funniest ever! God, what a bucnh of JW-nerds. By the way, there is a participant on that forum by the name "ezra". This is probably the same person that comes on this board too. Actually, I think this whole website, with its forum, could be the reasons why there has been so many JWs coming on this site lately, like ezra, Schizm, Pmj, and the sneakiest of them all, Theocrat. Wouldn`t surprise me if all these recently joined to JWD, are people from this forum (except PMJ, perhaps, I couldn`t find anyone on that forum with PMJs particular "spelling-style").

  • AlanF

    This is a truly stereotypically braindead JW apologist website. The "argumentation" contains just about every fallacy of argumentation known to man. It would be easy to refute, but entirely lost on the braindead JW authors, because they care only for what Mommy Watchtower Society has to say on any subject -- not the truth.


  • scholar

    Alan F

    You rejected the truth and now prefer to believe the lie namely a false chronology based upon a discredited hypothesis namely the Jonsson hypothesis. Even scholars do not accept its bizarre distortions of biblical history and its uncertainty about relevant dates. Celebrated WT scholars are well pleased that many loyal brothers are exposing a false and demonic chronology. The Jonsson hypothesis is a good example of faulty logic and reasoning as it contains many examples of naive argumentation and false history. This nonsense cannot agree as to whether there are 17 or 18 lines of evidence refuting the absolute date of 607 BCE!!!

    scholar JW

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