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  • Alwayshere

    You don't know how to read Shazard.

  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    Enemies of Jehovah's Witnesses attack our beliefs from all angles. One of the most popular tactics is to plant doubts in the minds of brothers and sisters about our 1914 doctrine.

    We believe Jesus Christ began his rule invisibly in the heavens in 1914,

    The problem with this belief is the first paragraph of the article ............

    Why is it that the so called GREAT LEADERS and GOVERNING BODY and FAITHFUL AND DISCREET SLAVE CLASS ........

    DID NOT KNOW that Jesus began his rule invisibly in the heavens in 1914, until the 1930's, and did not become permanent belief until after 1943 (see the truth shall set you free 1943, one of Freddie Franz's first books.)

    Yet during this time of 1914-1943, with the GREAT J.F. Rutherford at the helm, they continued to believe Christ's return was 1874 (see Prophecy book 1929), predicted the end of the world for 1925, and the Sept 1942 Watchtower as being months away, built Beth Sarim, etc. etc.

    My theory is that when Freddie Franz took over in 1943, it was time to clean up the time lines, doctrines, beliefs, and make stuff fit better, and he did a great job, he came along at the right time, and was quite a talker and writer, I'll give credit where credit is due.

    Answer me this, if there was more ANNOITED CLASS members back then, then today, shouldn't they of had a better understanding ?????

    No religion on the planet, whether it be Catholic or Muslim or any, believe that they will acquire more knowledge then their predecesors, but JW's seem to think the light will get brighter, whatever.

  • carla

    well said Run.

    PMJ, what it is it you like? that it promotes wt doctrine or that there is any truth in it? Have you researched ALL other sources of info on the subject? Would you even care enough about finding out the truth to bother? Which is more important to you, truth or doctrines of men?

  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    and let's not forget that heavens doors were closed in 1935,

    They had all this great knowledge, BUT didn't know Christ was ruling in heaven.

  • PMJ

    truth is more important to about you whats most important to you?

  • greendawn

    They have the whole world against them on this issue and yet they keep marching on, as if it were possible for the whole world to be wrong while they alone are right. Imagine, Carl Johnson was expelled by the dubs just for pointing out these facts.

  • Shazard

    Ouh common... Their Daniel age calculation portion runs into lies even without deep check.
    They argue, that Daniel was trained for 3 years, but on 2nd year of Nebukanezzar he interpreted his dream. So they conclude that it was 2nd year over Jews... 2nd year of destruction of Jerusalem. But they miss whole point. That Nebukanezzar invaded Jews when he was not officially king of Babilon, only on next year he became and it is very well with Bible.
    Point is that they miss all stuff about king Jojakim (dunno how it is in english bible). Simple search proves that Daniel was taken to Babel 19-20 years before Jerusalem Destruction, on the first year of Nebukanezzar. This is math in range of 100, and JW are not able to do that. This site is CRAP, I even don't need any secular proof to find errors in their reasoning.

  • PMJ

    greendawn the wbts beleive the 70 years aplyed to the destruction of jerusalem.that being the case 50 years is simply not long you no all that facts about carl o johnsons dfs?

  • Think

    607 is not the only problem with JW religion. There are TONS of problems.

    Everybody can add the problems HERE.

    Let's BEGIN: SIN # 1 False Prophet about Armagedon coming from 1914 so many times, that NOBODY with any knowledge about History JW trying to erase, believe in anything what they said.

    JW Religion is not a christian religion, but Fanatical Satanic CULT. Period.

  • Think


    How many Innocent Children you Raped and killed ????

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