Can a Sexual Predator Be Cured?

by Kenneson 25 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • jadedgramma

    UN**#@&^%^BELIEVABLE! JMHO-they should be sent to a deserted island to live amongst themselves-no provisions.

  • Thegoodgirl

    No I don't think they can, either. It's one of the hardest psych disorders to work with, I've heard. The patients are very resistant to open up. I saw this a bit when working with them. Often, they've been abused themselves, they do it to others, and it's just very sad.

  • loathjw


    One of my gay employees was just telling me about women who are attracted to gays because they think they can convert them. Gays call them "fag hags".

    Rape is a different story though--it's not about sex, it's about power, and I seriously don't believe there is any rehabilitation that exists for that.

  • Elsewhere

    I know how to cure 'em!

  • Chimene

    There is no cure, no fricken way....... who can imagine what goes through such a sick mind to do something so disgusting, I don't believe there is a cure

  • bikerchic

    still angry:

    You know, I've always had a line of thought that goes something like this...If a family dog attacks and bites a person, especially a child, a community responds with horror and demands that the "vicious" animal is disposed of. It doesn't matter if the animal was being taunted or abused, any harm to a child is unacceptable in a lot of people's viewpoint. UNLESS, the animal is a human, in which case, we have to show tolerance for their predatory and twisted selves? Huh? I'm sorry, if I had an "animal" that was a predator of my children, I guarantee they would meet an untimely demise. It's absolutely no different for people. Personally, I feel very sorry for people that are wired wrong and are predators of their own kind, because they are defective and need to be disposed of.

    That is the most sensible analogy I've ever heard on the subject!

    I was going to say the only cure is death, kill the sick bastards! Society has no use for them!

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