Messy people vs. neat people

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  • Super_Becka

    Hmm, me, I'm horribly disorganized. I keep my apartment clean, the dishes are always done, the bathroom is always clean, I dust/sweep on a regular basis, I keep all of my dirty laundry in the clothes-hamper and wash it regularly, all the normal stuff, so the place is "clean", but when it comes to organizational skills, I'm hopeless. I'm good at tidying up, but with regards to keeping the place neat and tidy, I fail miserable. Although that generally only happens in my bedroom, the rest of the apartment is very tidy, I can keep my clutter contained. I get my disorganization from my dad, he's just as messy as I am, my mom is a total neat-freak.

    I'm not actually sure what to call my boyfriend, but I think he's pretty much a typical male. It's a long-distance thing, so I've only seen his apartment once, and it was spotless, but that's because he had about 6 weeks notice before I came, so he spent that time cleaning up. Seriously, the place was nearly empty - he doesn't have much furniture or decorations anyway, but I didn't see much of anything else, either, no books, no movies, no nothing!! When I asked about it, he said he just shoved everything in his closet before I got there. He keeps the place reasonably clean and tidy, though, I think - he has a dishwasher and a washer and dryer, so he has no excuse to not keep his dishes and laundry done, and he lives alone, so he's the only one there to make a mess. I'm a little curious as to how often he cleans his bathroom, though - it was clean when I was there, but I get the feeling that he doesn't bother very often. For example, his shower curtain was so dirty that he just tossed it and bought a new one before I got there. And his cat's litterbox is in the bathroom, away from the carpet in the rest of his apartment, so there's always some stray kitty litter on the floor and I don't think he bothers to sweep very often. Yup, typical male.

    I look forward to teaching him how to clean on a regular basis, and I'm sure he's looking forward to teaching me some organizational skills.

    -Becka :)

  • IronClaw

    I'm sorry... I forgot what the question was.

    A picture is worth a 1000 words and then some.

  • MsMcDucket

    I would consider myself a confused messy, disorganized person that on the inside really wants to be neat. After I had my kids, my house went to hell in a hand basket (is hand basket one word or two?). It seemed the bigger they got, the more the house started looking like a tornado hit it. It seemed like I was cleaning up for nothing. When they were young, their socks, underwear, and clothes were always organized. I never let my children look like ragamuffins. I cooked, cleaned, and did their hair daily. I don't know what happened!

    I'm a total slob now. I mean like you wouldn't have a problem finding a place to sit, and that there would not be any "vermin" (that's what my mom liked to call bugs and little animals that got into your house) around. You wouldn't have to worry about smelling a cat or dog, cause I don't have any; but there would be toys, books, papers, letters, CD's, and clothes that are out of place. You know like the house needs to be picked up. It's like that pretty often.

    My husband is a horder. He hates to throw anything away. OMG!!! He can find a rock that's interesting looking and say "Hey look, I think this might be gold!" and he will keep it. It's hard to get him to throw anything away

    So, I guess you can say I'm messy.

  • deeskis

    I'm messy, althought I really appreciate tidiness. but I'm nervous......

    it looks as though jeffs avatar is about to pounce on stilla's!!


  • simplesally

    I'm neat and try to stay organized. When things get in diisarray, I start getting confused and lose things easily. I can't stand living with a pack ex was one and it drove me crazy.

  • MuadDib

    I'm pretty neat, mostly because I don't own enough possessions to actually create a substantial mess. But my roommate is a complete slob. He used to leave dishes piled up by the sink for days until I snapped on him last week and told him to be like me and just wash every single dish he uses the instant he finishes using it (since I eat out most of the time this is very easy for me). Our living room is awash in envelopes, CD cases, clothes, papers, fallen posters, books, and other assorted crap - ALL of it his. His room is a total write-off. He'll leave laundry in the washer or dryer for days on end. And don't get me started on his bathroom habits.

    One of these days I'm really going to snap and give him two days to clean his shit up or I'll just find somewhere else to live. Swear to God.

  • Balsam

    Just remember if you like things neat you will always be cleaning up after the piggies. Frankly I would run the otherway. My sweety and I are simular in that and we both keep the house tidy. I love that quality in him.

  • Mulan

    I am very neat. I have closets and drawers that need to be organized better, but I keep my kitchen and bathrooms very clean, make the bed every day, and fold the laundry when it's done in the dryer. The floors are always done (wood floors) and look great and like new.

    Of my four children, two are neat and two are messy. Our only daughter and the youngest son tend to be somewhat compulsive and have always kept their things very neat and tidy. The two oldest sons are not that way at all. One of them is neater than the other, but even in their 40's, they are slobs for the most part. So I have decided that it's genetic. I tried and tried to train the others to be neater, but for the other two, I never had to do a thing. They were just that way from birth.

    My husband is very neat................except for the garage. It's a mess. But, he is compulsive about his work tools, his truck and job sites and his desk. It carries over to his clothes and personal grooming. He likes things neat and clean, but never complains if I don't get it done as soon as I usually do.

  • reneeisorym

    Messy people will stay messy. If you end up with him, he'll still be messy. I married one. He drove me crazy.

    I am a strange form of messy. I am terrible messy through the week but not a pack rat. On the week ends, i get things spotless. But you would be repulsed at the mess I can make during the week. My boyfriend cleans every day. He has a daily schedule. I can sure use some more structure in my life. I hope it works out that I can undo some of this pack rat habbits and some of his daily cleaning stuff will rub off on me.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I am a contradiction.

    First husband (the JW) was Mr Tidy. I was a mess and left a wake of mess behind me.

    Then I was alone and was tidy until the girls were living with me again = mess

    Then alone = clean

    Got married to MR down and dirty slob - and I had my corner clean but the rest was messy

    Now I'm alone again and I'm back to being tidy again.

    Anyone see a pattern here?

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