What is Apostasy ?

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  • TallTexan
    Raymond Franz is noted as an apostate of Christianity

    Franz of all people should not be considered an apostate of 'christianity'. If you've read "Christian Freedom" you know that he by no means has turned his back on the Bible. In fact, everything he argues he argues FROM the Bible. An apostate to the false organization of WT-dom, but not to Christianity and the Bible....

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan
    This organization would of course be the one which has been carefully crafted by celebrated WT scholars.

    Who's celebrating them ? And anyway, I thought that sort of thing was banned.

  • Think

    Apostasy simply mean :

    A ! post as y oda on this funny site !

  • greendawn

    When someone out of good will tries to point something out to his fellow dubs something that needs to be improved he will be labelled an apostate because the FDS impose the opinion that no one has the right to even make suggestions for improvement since god gave them an absolute exclusive right to decide what is correct doctrine or the correct way of running things.

  • tetrapod.sapien

    everyone is an apostate to something.

  • greendawn

    The GB have themselves apostatised from the scriptures in their ideas and even more so in their actions. Eg they are lusting after power, and totally unreasonably refuse to accept any advice from anyone else.

  • Sentient

    Compare with "heretic". It basically means, "You used to agree with us that we had the one and only truth and we were the most holiest of the holy. Now you say it's BS. Therefore, you are evil and God will destroy you." Historically as far as I know this logic only existed in intolerant monotheistic societies, which tended to be effective militarily. A similar intolerant mindset where critical thought is hindered is brought about by patriotic indoctrination.
    I thought this Wikipedia contrast was noteworthy:
    "One of possible reasons for this renunciation is loss of faith, another is the alleged failure of religious indoctrination and/or brainwashing."
    Blind faith is the result of indoctrination and/or a lack of sincerity. I think all religious/spiritual/political groups that claim some kind of special authority to interpret truth are basically led by mentally ill people who are intelligent enough to persuade regular folk that they are divinely inspired to whatever degree, but who lack the ability or desire to see themselves objectively or think critically about their own beliefs. This works out great because regular folk would rather not have to think too hard and their reasoning is, "Even though I can't explain x, I know my bishop/circuit overseer/imam/party leader will have a better explanation that passes the critical thinking test." Until you actually follow through and decide to dedicate the real mental and emotional effort required to sift fact from fiction and you realize how much BS there was at the core. Often when the indoctrination fails, an "apostate" still has not learned how to critically examine themselves and therefore ends up in another group that is another side of the same coin. Generally the reasons are more emotional than intellectual.

  • DaveNwisconsin

    So in other words we are all Apostasites? Its nice to be part of something............

  • Alwayshere

    Looked up the word "Apostasy" in the dictionary and it says "an abandonment of one's faith". So when we left the WTS, we never left the "truth", we left an organization that is run by Apostates.

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