Lo' and Behold - I start hearing Kingdom Melodies in the coffee shop.....

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    's'okay, most of the Kingdom melodies are plagiarized (is it still plagiarism if it's music?) from Bach and stuff. So most people would think it was just a poor arrangement of a classic.

    I remember attending my first District Assembly in 1972 and the canned music was being pumped in as we were finding our seats. I recognized one song that sounded like something very familiar to me and began humming along.....for a few moments. The melody swung into something totally unfamiliar and I mentioned this to my study conductor, wondering why "they" would do that.

    She proceeded to tell me that all the music was original and done by "the brothers" etc....and I was pretty surprised to hear that (since I knew what I had just heard), and I also knew that "they" had ripped off some classical pieces.

    The WTS does a LOT of ripping off......


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