I Found Jesus Today

by atypical 17 Replies latest jw friends

  • Clam
    What kind of bookbag is Jesus carrying there?

    LOL Jeff - it's the Samsonite Salvation Mk2

  • mouthy

    Hey!!! Your being misslead AGAIN!!!! cos he comes into HEARTS!!!!!Not street corners... So invite him into yours bud!!!!

  • GentlyFeral

    Promise A work in progress

    Out of the quiet heart of cluttered night, a son of man or of some nimble beast will meet me under silent, dusty trees.


    He stared at me across the fire and licked the salmon from his beard and smiled. "My yoke," he said, "is kindly, & my load is light."

    They all say that, & mean it at the time,

    all those who come to tempt me with salvation... He's just a little cleaner than the rest. ..."Come to me." "Only if you feed my crows," I said.

    ...my gutter jesus, the only jesus I can trust,

    will come down from the throne of guns to join the tribe of rivals for my love.

    August 2005

    gently feral

  • Poztate

    I found Waldo just the other day. Perhaps if Waldo finds Jesus he can introduce me to him.

  • Quotes

    What if god were one of us
    Just a slob like one of us
    Just a stranger on the bus,
    Trying to make his way home.

  • Robdar

    Jesus is one cool dude. Tell him "hey" for me the next time you see him.

  • gumby
    He was standing on the corner of 27th Avenue and Northern.

    You can't stand there cuz it's against the law if yer talkin Phoenix AZ. That's right in the middle of a busy intersection and he's breakin Ceasers Law.....(see Romans somethin-or-other)

    I'm thinking it's a misdemeanor at least.

    Gumby.....of the 'no loitering' class

  • atypical

    Gumby, you from Phoenix? Yep, it's a busy intersection, complete with a new check cashing/ title loan store. Jesus was standing proud at the southwest corner.

    Mouthy, I did let him into my heart. There's room for almost everyone.

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