Hey whatever happened to Danny Hazard?

by Theocrat 15 Replies latest jw friends

  • Mr. Kim
    Mr. Kim

    Hi Danny,

    You can be glad that one day, the WTB&TS will be held fully accountable for their actions, hypocrisy and self-righteous criminal rape on the innocent and gullible humans.......We promise that!

  • Tigerman

    Haszard . . .the prowling tiger that will never give up !

  • DannyHaszard

    Thanks Tigerman,feel free to upload my tiger pic to your drive,and use it here at JWD as your avatar-Danny Haszard

  • greendawn

    There are already some good signs that the WTS has entered a process of terminal decline, they are not able to produce any new "light" for the world after Franz died, many JWs and especially the young ones are leaving in droves and globally their increase is getting to be minimal and in some countries it is reversed.

  • Tuesday

    Realizing Danny was probably picketing the Providence Civic Center when I used to go (bet I was the only kid who took the stuff you were handing out)....

  • Refriedtruth

    Opps wrong thread

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