How Was Hitler Connected to Brooklyn, N.Y.? Illuminati Manipulation....

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    How Was Hitler Connected to Brooklyn, N.Y. ? or One Religious Manipulation for All: Illuminati Manipulation for a One-World Religion----Fritz Springmeier
    The Illuminati love to manipulate mankind through the manipulation of their legends and religions. One faction, which is particularly proud of their work, has been working to develop the Watchtower Society's religion (the Jehovah's Witnesses) as the world religion of the future after W.W.III.
    >The Jehovah's Witnesses' Illuminati promoters see it as the ultimate synthesis of a carefully crafted religion which appeals to logic, and an international scope, and maintains total control over its members.
    In line with these "New World" plans was the Third Reich of Adolf Hitler. While it seemed a given to the Illuminati that eventually the allies would win W.W.II, in case they didn't, and instead the Third Reich won, Hitler was prepared to propagate the Watchtower's religion. Let us examine this amazing situation.
    First, let me explain that my book Bloodlines of the Illuminati explains how the Rothschilds (and other Illuminati) played a role behind creation of the Watchtower Society. The book also explains that Hitler was of the Rothschild bloodline.
    When the Nazis arrested the German Jehovah's Witnesses, the Jehovah's Witnesses (Zeugen Jehovah) rank and file discovered that key German Watchtower leaders were Gestapo agents. After W.W.II, the Watchtower Society placed these dirty ex-Nazis back into leadership over the German branch of the Society. William Schnell was one of the German Jehovah's Witnesses who had suffered in the concentration camps, and he was outraged that these dirty traitors would be reinstated into leadership. When he protested to world headquarters in Brooklyn, N.Y., he was given the boot. This is the story behind the story; that is, Schnell then wrote the first powerful literary challenge to the Society -- Thirty Years a Watchtower Slave; And his experience with the Society using Nazis as leaders of the German branch was the story behind his exodus from that organization.
    Himmler and Hitler rounded up the Jehovah's Witnesses into concentration camps. The idea was to stigmatize them as anti-Nazis and portray that they were a threat to the Nazis. Such a label would assist the Illuminati Nazis to use them later. When they conquered the Soviet Union, Himmler planned to settle their Jehovah's Witnesses in Russia so that they would convert the Russians into their religion, as a way to pacify and control the Russian people.
    Germany failed to conquer the Soviet Union. The German war plans were based on a quick half year Blitzkrieg war of maneuver. Before the invasion year was out, it had degenerated into a static war of attrition, which the Nazi plans had forecast would spell defeat. The Soviet Union eventually won the war of attrition, and the Jehovah's Witnesses were not released from the camps until liberated by the Allies.
    In order to be a genuine serious contender for the world's post-W.W.III one-world religion, the Watchtower Society has to meet several criteria. For one, it has to be acceptable to a broad base of humanity. The Society is not tainted by such things as the Inquisition, the Crusades or well-known scandals like Jim Baker's. While lots of effort by the Illuminati has been directed towards these things, including its stand against nationalism, it's debatable whether it has been successful. Behind the false front and misleading Watchtower statistics, the truth is that the Society is not seriously making any inroads in many countries. The Society has manitained a pristine image of not being associated with the neo-colonial powers and this makes it acceptable in many third world countries. In reality, the Society's leaders have secretly worked woth the neo-colonial political powers and has gotten assistance from organizations such as the U.S. State Department. However, the Watchtower's foreign converts around the world are frequently ex-Christians, and the Society is making negligible inroads against the other major world religions.
    I'll give two examples to illustrate this point. For example, I know of a couple from Nepal who joined the Jehovah's Witnesses, but they were already Christians when they did. The misperception one might easily jump to is that the Society had converted them from the Buddhist-Hindu mix that Nepalese practice. Such was not the case. Others had done that earlier, they simply stole a Christian denomination's converts.
    A second example, which illustrates the illusion that the Society is making great strides in converting the world, are its claims about how many languages the Watchtower and Awake! magazines are translated into. The clims give the impression that on a given Sunday millions of Jehovah's Witnesses in every land are studying the same Watchtower article. I've had Witnesses even brag about this to me. In reality, mainstream important translations like German and Russian lag behind the English publication, and many of the approximately 110 translations occur weeks or months later and are mimeographed or photocopied onto perhaps 5 or 6 copies for some obscure set of converts. The real international impact is not the image.
    Will their long range plan for the New World Society miscarry before they happen like Hitler's plans, or will our planet come under the domination of the Society's totalitarian religious tyranny? And if not the Society, then what else will be chosen for us to pacify us?
    Zionism and Nazism are ideologically identical. Judaism and Nazism are identical racial belief systems, both believe in a superior race. Jewish Supremacism vs. Aryan Supremacism. Nazi's are the controlled opposition used to help usher in the state of Israel. Hitler was a Rothschild Jew himself. Jewish Wall Street firm, Brown Brothers Harriman financed Nazi Germany and was caught doing it. Come on folks, the Illuminati control all sides of conflicts. Do not be fooled.
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    I once visited Bethel and took a crap in one of their restooms - and one of the Illuminati outside approached me and - hey I could start a thread on this

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    Are you really from Syria?

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    Himmler and Hitler rounded up the Jehovah's Witnesses into concentration camps. The idea was to stigmatize them as anti-Nazis and portray that they were a threat to the Nazis. Such a label would assist the Illuminati Nazis to use them later. When they conquered the Soviet Union, Himmler planned to settle their Jehovah's Witnesses in Russia so that they would convert the Russians into their religion, as a way to pacify and control the Russian people.

    Perhaps this is the real reason why the JWs were persecuted by Hitler? Not because they 'had the truth' or because they were 'God's chosen people' as the WT propaganda would have the rank and file believe.

    I personally heard the late Russell Kurzin, regarded as the resident WT historian at Bethel, say that the primary victims of the holocaust were not the Jews, but the JW. That Satan caused the holocaust to occur to wipe out the JW and not the Jews. ...

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    Barf! Hell Hitler admired the Witnesses so much that he let many of them die in the camps. Now, that's what I call revisionism! Right out of stormfront.

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    I see that the watchtower society has put out another propaganda piece. Damage control article on secret societies. These guys are just getting hit from every angle. She's gonna blow!

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    I reckon that Danny Haszard is a front for Daystar who is a head of Illuminati. Barbara Anderson is an unwitting tool.

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