Contradiction in NWT

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  • Desino

    Undercover, You are right, I looked also in the King James version (, the tetragrammaton is mentioned there in Joel 2: 32.

    This contradiction actually supports that the hebraic God Jehovah are Jesus, which some people believe.


    Thanks for your watchtower reply, as usually the GB puts alot of interpretation into a simple matter. Focus on the phrase in Acts 4: 12; It says; there is no salvation in anyone else, .... The conclusion: Jesus is the only Saviour.

    There is a scholar named Rolf Furulli that supports the NWT.
  • Honesty

    The 1961 NWT edition

    Hebrews 1:6 says, "And let all God's angels worship him."

    The Watchtower changed this scripture in later editions of the NWT to reflect their diabolical doctrine denying Christ's diety.

  • RevFrank
    RevFrank problem with the web site you gave. The New Worlds Translation of the Holy Scriptures was not authorized by any one bibical scholar, nor any greek, latan, hewbrew, or ancient arabic translator. And none of those so called experts were a master of the english language.

    Franz was the only member of the translation commettee who knew anything on greek, yet it wasn't koien greek. Koien greek is an ancient dialect greek no one has spoken since the roman empire.----- "Koine is a dialect of ancient Greek that was the lingua franca of the empire of Alexander the Great and was widely spoken throughout the eastern Mediterranean area in Roman times .

    So Franz is disqualified to do the work.

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