Bethel "Vow of Poverty" documents scanned.

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  • wifibandit
    It is still in place.
  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I wonder if we compare the catholic vow of poverty with the JW corporation vow of poverty we might find some legal problems for the WT being that it is basically illegal to require signing of such a document to a corporation charitable or otherwise.

  • ILoveTTATT2

    *** w73 10/1 p. 606 Questions From Readers ***

    Questions From Readers

    ● If, in earlier years, a person made a vow to God that he now realizes was unwise, does he have to continue conforming to it?—U.S.A.


    Nor are Scriptural vows to be compared with the so-called ‘monastic vows’ that persons in later centuries were required to make in order to gain admittance into certain religious orders of church organizations. Those vows of ‘chastity, poverty and obedience’ placed those vowing under obligation to the religious orders and served those orders as a means of exercising control over their adherents. Higher church officials could absolve persons from certain types of vows, but with some vows release could be gained only through the titular head of the church, as in the papal arrangement. These, then, are not Scriptural vows, for Scriptural vows were entirely spontaneous and personal, between the individual and God.

  • sir82

    and that you also agree to not seek gainful employment while serving in the Order.

    Wait a sec....every special pioneer I know has a part-time job.

    It sounds like that is strictly forbidden.

    So, if the WTS found out about it, what would happen?

  • TheWonderofYou

    What is the difference between self-sacrificing order-members and pecuniary motivation?

    (the vow..) "It documents the understanding through which each member of the Order provides his services, something that assists governmental agencies to understand better the self-sacrificing rather than pecuniary motivation of those who serve in special full-time service."
  • Splash

    *** w82 8/15 p. 15 Insight on the News ***

    Ministers or Tax Evaders?

    The New York Supreme Court ruled that the Life Science Church has “defrauded the public...” and must return the money it collected. ... According to the New York Times report, “the church had run dozens of seminars and collected approximately $20 million in fees from people who became ministers to avoid paying Federal and state taxes.”

    Individuals were told that they could keep on with their secular employment yet be tax free by starting their own church chartered by the Life Science Church. They could then either donate up to 50 percent of their earnings to the church and substantially reduce their taxes or take a vow of poverty and give all their earnings and property to the church. The church would then pay all expenses and the individual would be tax exempt, it was claimed. The court rejected such argument. “The ruling,” said Daniel Kurtz of the state attorney general’s office, “would encourage the state to pursue other organizations and individuals seeking tax exemption under the guise of religion.”

    True Christians would not want to take deductions that are not allowed by their governments (as ministers or otherwise), but as Romans 13:7 counsels they will render to “him who calls for the tax, the tax.” They do not use their ministry as a means for evading taxes.

  • carla

    Might be off topic a bit, my apologies, I am wondering about the use of the word 'order'. I don't remember hearing this used in reference to jw's. Reminds me of the Catholic hierarchy & many different 'orders'. What do r & f think of this?

  • TerryWalstrom

    Catholic Vow of Poverty

    externalfile:drive-3e65282231ebe507f8152f3896594c993048742f/root/A NEW DOWNLOAD folder June 17/09sme_and_vows_poverty_red.pdf

  • smiddy

    Making a vow like this to a Religious institution , surely has no legal obligations that could be enforced in a court of law .

    Correct me if I am wrong.

    I made a vow /a pledge when I was a pre-teen to a Congregationalist Church , not to drink , smoke , and to live a moral life from then on.

    I`m pretty sure they can`t take me to court and sue me now ,(can they ? ) LOL

    carla , their was something recently about that ,the word order ,and it`s legit. I was surprised also to know that.


  • prologos

    Wt does not full time "servants" to work. if you do, turn in the proceeds. but You can own an apartment block and collect rents, or own stock and clip coupons, and keep the money, just do not exhaust yourself with filthy work (like Paul did) we will discourage that by confiscating the gain.

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