Comments You Will Not Hear at the 1-29-06 WT Study (Decisive)

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    12 Sadly, some baptized Christians have become...fear fear fear, guilt guilt guilt, obey us obey us obey us.

    Here is their main point and the reason for the article. LOL

    They're obviously having trouble keeping the troops in formation.


    Thank you Blondie for once again gulping down the TUMS to keep us currant with the WTS conditioning program. ~

  • Poztate

    w60 1/15 p. 55 This Is a Time of Judgment ***

    Parents who reject the good news of the Kingdom and who ignore the good principles and wonderful purposes of Jehovah God cannot expect their minor children to survive the execution of divine judgment. Until a child reaches the age where it can be held responsible for its actions, it is under family responsibility. Divine punishment or blessing that comes to its parents automatically falls upon it. This principle is seen at Ezekiel 9:6, where God's command was to "slay utterly the old man, the young man and the virgin, and little children and women; but come not near any man upon whom is the mark."-AS.

    I found this reference interesting.They dehumanize children about to be destroyed as"IT" A recent WT study article also talked about "pests" and how a "loving" (snicker) god would have to exterminate them to make way for "true christians"™ to inhabit the earth.The mind control continues for all the "true believers"™ of the WT world. It makes me sick

  • Ingenuous

    I can think of a much clearer title: "Now is the Time for Decisive Acion: OBEY OR DIE!"

    12 Sadly, some baptized Christians have become irregular or inactive in their

    worship. (Hebrews 10:23-25; 13:15, 16) Some have lost their zeal because of fear

    of persecution, the anxieties of making a living, efforts to get rich, or the

    pursuit of selfish pleasures. Jesus warned that these very things would stumble,

    choke, and ensnare some of his followers. (Matthew 10:28-33; 13:20-22; Luke

    12:22-31; 21:34-36) Instead of `limping on two opinions,' as it were, such ones

    should "be zealous and repent" by taking decisive action to carry out their

    dedication to God.-Revelation 3:15-19.

    Apprently, the only reasons to leave are laziness, cowardice, materialism and selfishness. Never, of course, because the Org is hypocritical and un-Chrisitian. And what makes them assume those who leave are weakly "limping on two opinions?" I have only one opinion when it comes to "The Society"!

  • BluesBrother

    Para 17

    After false religion's end, Jehovah God will turn his attention to all humans who make up the secular parts of Satan's world. These will also be destroyed, preparing the way for a righteous new world.-Revelation 17:3-6; 19:19-21; 21:1-4.

    Ok , this really is the crunch paragraph. Death threats to all of us who are not actively serving the great organization known as the Watctower Bible & Tract Society .

    Notice that the sentence is not on the system of things , or a class of people, No it is all humans ... suffering what is euphemistically called "destruction". In fact, a bloody death when perhaps an angel of the Lord zaps you with a thunderbolt , or a crazed individual also caught in the conflagration rips your guts out , for "each mans hand will be against his brother"

    They love this stuff . Why else did the Study Conductor make a point of asking a specific question to emphasise the destruction that awaits the non believers. And why did he chose to read the scripture 2 Kings 10. 18 - 28 in the next para? Perhaps it makes them feel big and important as they go home to Sunday tea, smugly contemplating the grisly fate that awaits their neighbours,"any time soon"

  • peggy

    I am often, so greatful that information is to be had on the JWD! I won't be attending the meeting at my hall today. I have been inactive in the FS for some four years now. I can imagine how uncomfortable it would have been today, if you hadn't done your review! I mentioned the article to my daughter and son-in-law yesterday. I told them what it was about. My son-in-law is irregular. They just rolled their eyes.

  • Calliope

    wow, this was my first meeting to Blondie's study of the wtower.

    this was great:

    instigator of Baal worship in Israel = Jezebel = no burial

    continuation of calf worship in Israel = Jehu = burial with his forefathers

    and this:

    Baal worship was eradicated--but not calf worship

    i do have a question though, it was my understanding that those who were buried with their "forefathers" meant they might be "resurrected". (like in the recent questions from readers that expounded on solomon being buried with his forefathers - or something like that). But where does it say Jezebel may be "resurrected"?

    Jezebel the dogs will eat one burying her--per WTS doctrine, Jezebel will be resurrected but not the minor children of non-JWs who will be executed at Armageddon to descend into eternal destruction because they were born at the wrong time to the wrong parents.
  • AuldSoul


    Once again, THANK YOU! I showed my wife how Jehu did not eliminate all false worship.

    "the Bible-based message spread by Jehovah's Witnesses"

    By which they mean, "the message spread by Jehovah's Witnesses steps all over the Bible."


  • Midget-Sasquatch

    Very nice analysis Blondie, as always.

    But you know, I do find myself in the rare position of partially agreeing with the WTS in regards to the following comparison:

    *** w98 4/15 p. 31 Do You Remember? ***

    · Who are the modern-day Jehu and Jehonadab?Jehu pictures Jesus Christ, who is represented on earth by "the Israel of God," anointed Christians. (Galatians 6:16; Revelation 12:17) Just as Jehonadab came out to meet Jehu, a "great crowd" from the nations have come out to support Jesus’ earthly representatives. (Revelation 7:9, 10; 2 Kings 10:15)—1/1, page 13.

    Both have ulterior motives (i.e power) for showing themselves "zealous for pure worship".
  • stillajwexelder

    I commented and was on sound duty today in this study

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Again in the 12th paragraph, the author sidesteps perhaps the biggest reason JWs have been leaving in increasing numbers; their loss of credibility with the rank and file because of their record of unfulfilled expectations. In the writer's view the blame lies, not with the source of the failed promises -- the Society is absolved from any blame as a possible source of the problem -- but in the ``selfishness" of those who've chosen to leave.

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