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  • damselfly

    Okay I think I understand. If you are looking for a reversal of your disfellowshipping then that typically involves an appeal of that decision by you within weeks of the original decision.This is a very rare occurence. I personally only know of one person that this happened to. Maybe the reinstate and fade will work for you?

    Let us know how it goes on Sunday.


  • TallTexan

    As I see it, you want to simply return to the state of someone who was never baptized. Not active, but not dissed either. Uh, I don't think it works that way. Once you've been dissed, you either have to get reinstated or remain df'd, with all the privileges that

    My biggest question is 'why'? You've been out this long, you probably know from the boards what a destructive cult it is - just leave it alone. Be happy you're out.....

  • Think

    Why worry about ??

    Here is the true story. All of us been cheaten by conartistscammasterlunacytower. They are immoral buch of sleasyscumbags. Any reason to worry about their immoral law and regulations?

    If somebody belonged to communist party, or gestabo, or stalin club,or hitler party, or waco koresz cult, and they told them that you are now DS because you not share any more their crazy view. should this worry you????? Why ??? God is not with them. God is newer with any cult. Ask them to become members of the idiot club again? For what reason? This is like asking Hitler arm gestapo to beat me again and put in death camp and put me in gas chamber!!!

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  • Honesty

    Welcome to the boaed!!!!

    Do you really want to go through all the things that getting undisfellowshipped entails?

    Crawling back to the elders to beg their forgiveness (Isn't Jesus sacrifice big enough to handle that?)

    Sitting in the back of the hall until they decide otherwise (sorta like sitting in the back of the bus back in Montgomery, Alabama during the 1950's and 60's was for all non caucazoids).

    Being shunned publicly at the meetings until the elders decide that you are truly repentant.

    After being reinstated (where is this mentioned in the Bible?) then you have to go knocking on people's doors with a message that is not the message of first century Christians.

    After being let back into the fold you are then going to never be considered worthy of being invited to most JW social functions and if you go to any 'worldly' functions you might be back at square # 1 again.

    I say let the cult sort out their own problems before you go giving them another one to have to deal with. Sounds harsh but that is exactly how they are going to view you if you try to get back in... another problem they have to spend precious time straightening out and they can't even count it as Field Service (uhhhhh.... well, maybe they can since technically you are no longer one of Jehovah's Witnesses)..

  • DaveNwisconsin

    Welcome to the board!

  • mamabear

    After thinking about it, I cancelled our "meeting"

  • slugga

    Yayyyyy !!!

  • meems101

    double yayyyyy!!!!!!!

  • MerryMagdalene

    I think I understand what you mean because that is what I am doing--requesting the nullification of both my baptism and my disfellowshipping by letters written to the governing body and the congregation and my JW family.

    I am doing this because I don't like being shunned and silenced, and I want to confront them with the insane cruelty of this practice and help expose their other unchristian teachings as well.

    I do not expect a positive response. It's just something I feel a need to do.

    Good for you, doing whatever you need to do in regards to this!


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