Worldly People Are Good

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  • Undecided

    I was walking around the block and at the end of the street there was this couple out in the yard cleaning it up, raking the leaves and old grass. I mentioned that it was a never ending job. They said," We are just cleaning the yard for the old lady that lives here, she isn't able to do it anymore, we live across the street. How many JWs would do that?

    Ken P.

  • lucifer

    hmm I don't think it matters what religion you are, just depends on the individual.

  • Legolas

    JW's might do it ....BUT they would have a MOTIVE for it ......and it AIN"T out of love!

  • wannaexit

    Jw's don't do good out of the goodness of their hearts. They do it always with an ulterior motive. That motive is to preach and to convert.

    I have also experienced that many "wordly" people are good and will render aid unconditionally. Some put the jw's to shame.


  • greendawn

    True there are a lot of nice people in the world, in fact there are all sorts of people there, from the saintly to the beastly ones. So you can easily find some decent ones to associate with. The WTS seeks to create a morbid fear of the world through lying about the world's true nature, to build a wall and isolate its members.

  • moshe

    Spending Saturday morning helping out your elderly neighbor won't win you any points at the next service meeting- going out in service would be viewed as the better use of a JW's time. Most JW's just don't realize what a low opinion their neighbors and work associates have of them. peace, Moshe

  • lucifer

    i agree that some of them do have another motive, but not all of them

  • slugga

    I used to do things like that... it was called being a good witness

  • 144001
    i agree that some of them do have another motive, but not all of them

    That is so true, and I can personally attest to the incredible generosity of certain JWs I recently interacted with who, despite my stated disbelief of their faith, selflessly gave of their extremely limited time under circumstances that adversely affected them in an effort to assist my family, merely because they knew me as a kid. I will never forget their kindness, and there were no strings attached.

  • Undecided

    Well, after thinking about this a little more I have to admit there are many JWs who are good, decent people. My dad would help anyone that he saw needed it. I was at my non JW aunt's funeral and a man was there who talked to me and recalled something my dad had done for him many years ago, he said he would never forget it. Of course the JWs just emphasize preaching, or should I say the GB demands it.

    Ken P.

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