I just signed up for a bible study...need help!

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  • Clam

    Just wanted to say the thread header made me laugh....

    I just signed up for a bible study...need help! - Lucifer
    I bet Lucifer knows the Bible inside out - loopholes included.
  • Darth Yhwh
    Darth Yhwh

    Perhaps if you used your screen name. The WBTS has no record of my current address. I wonder if I sent in a request using the name of Darth Yhwh if they would respond or not. LOL

  • lucifer

    I can only imagine how much hate mail they must get signed lucifer, devil, 666....lol

  • Clam

    LOL exactly Darth - Or how about sending in a request from Count Alucard asking for clarification about the WTS blood policy. . .

  • greendawn

    About the 1914 date, originally that was the armageddon date as set by Russell (he got the date from Barfour) since around 1880. That's why when it didn't come Russell was a disappointed and bitter man who died ridiculed by all as a false prophet soon after. Later the dubs changed the significance of that date and called it the time of the invisible presence of Christ (for Russell that had happened in 1874) and put forward the armageddon date in order to carry on exploiting people as Russell had done previously.

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