Beauty and the Geek

by Elsewhere 15 Replies latest jw friends

  • nicolaou

    Enough with the Geeks already! When will it be a fad for girls to be "greek-lovers".


  • kristyann

    That Constantine guy from last season's American Idol was Greek and pretty hot.. are you hot and Greek?

  • Elsewhere
    I'm a geek and a hottie

    I geeks

    I've always had a thing for 'geeks'.

    I bet I could fit BOTH of you in my Mini!

    So, would that be called a Geeky-Three or Tre-Geek?

  • Mum

    What we're talking about is male geeks and female hotties. I'm absolutely certain that if the genders were reversed, this equation would not work out. So, Else, you consider yourself a geek and would like to hook up with a hottie? Go for it!

    A lover of all things geek and Greek,


  • serendipity

    Hot and geek are not mutually exclusive. In the past, it seems that the men who interested me were geeks. Of course, that's who I primarily worked with.

  • damselfly
    I don't think most girls really want to date boys in sweatshirts with a picture of a wolf on them that want to pretend to have sword fights with each other on their front lawns.

    You're right, I do not want to date this guy! For me a geek is someone who is smart, scienctific and gets totally absorbed in their interests. That's what makes them hot!

    Dams ( geek lover )

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