Leaving without the internet.

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  • unique1

    My husband mentioned to me this morning that he was glad I had this resource and some support to help me through this. He also made the comment: Can you imagine trying to leave without the internet? That got me thinking, it is hard now, how much harder was it back then, before the internet. I know some of you have been out for years. How did you get through it?

  • IP_SEC

    You are right. Since I've left I've only had the deepest respect for those who left before there was an online community like this. They had bawls, we are walking a path made easier.

  • DannyHaszard

    I left in January 1992 pre-internet,pre 1914 'generations' change and pre Ray Franz and COC it was a nightmare of agony and anguish

    I lived in Boston and hooked up first thing with Steve Hassan and David Reed then found out about Randy Watters & Freeminds.org

    Yes help today is only a mouse click away-Danny Haszard free at last

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    The internet was here when I left in 1992, but I had no access to it. It was very difficult. I was so alone for 7 yrs after my dF'ing, until I found xjduyas on the internet. During that 7 yrs, I carried on a huge internal conflict over what they taught, still believing most of it, but knowing that they didn't have the identifying characteristic.....love.

    It wasn't until I managed to get online that I finally was able to see waaaaaaaaay more about their deceptiveness in their teachings and practices. I was furious for a few years, but have finally mellowed. I know them for what they are now and they no longer hold my mind captive. My heart and body escaped first.


  • unique1

    WOW Danny and Frannie. I just can't imagine. You guys are an inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie
    I just can't imagine. You guys are an inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

    LOL, Unique1.....if you wanna see just how weird it really got for me, you can read my 12-part series, "Strange Exodus," beginning with.....



  • r51785

    I started my fade in 1980 in the pre-internet days. I moved away from the area where I was a witness to go to college in 1981. The experience of going to school as well as the publication of Crisis of Conscience in 1982 helped me a great deal. Also two friends (one a former Bethelite) were invaluable. Back in those days I wasn't shunned by my dub family. That didn't start until 1999 which is what caused me to go on the internet. The biggest difference from then to today is the fact that knowledge of WT falsehood is more widespread thanks to the internet. Back then it took a few years before I was 100% comfortable with the idea that the JW's were totally wrong. I had for awhile a small fear in the back of my mind that maybe, just maybe "Armageddon" would come and I would be slaughtered. No such fear anymore.

  • greendawn

    I left in 1987 and at the time I could only find some books but the info they gave was nothing like the internet, I had some doubts as to whether the GB were deceitful conmen. When the net came out I soon found out that they were indeed hypocrites and under the fake beautiful surface there was nothing good about them.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I left in 85 and it was hard. My mother stopped talking to me or visiting. Friends who had no idea what happened walked away. They shunned my 2 daughters because of me -- and they were still living with their father and going to meetings for a year after I left. (I think for them the pain of being shunned when they hadn't done anything was unforgivable but in the long run neither has any desire to ever go back and have made a rule with their father to NEVER discuss religion.

    But I threw myself into college and then university and therapy for the abuse related to my childhood only.

    It wasn't until 95ish that I got on the internet and found out about the lies. Until then I still believed.

    BUT NO MORE BABY Now I do my own thinking

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Could have not ever done it without the internet. There was no 'network' - those who left then had to be tremendously resourceful to discover the 'truth about the truth'. I didn't even know Ray Franz had written a book at all, and wouldn't have without the Internet. Two years ago this month we left after reading those books, confirming that we weren't 'nuts' or 'demonized' for having doubts about the organization that had been our lives since childhood.

    It was very hard to leave at first, even with the support of those books and others we read. I found a few people that were former witnesses and we began to correspond a little by email. Months later I found this site and it has helped me to find solid ground in my direction in life without the borg. It is still not easy all the time. But freedom from error that had one captured is never easy is it?

    The internet portal has become an escape hatch that will not ever close. It has freed millions from cultlike groups. Perhaps it was truly 'Godsent'? I don't know - but I thank Him daily for it anyway.


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