The missing link to understand the Bible...this will help you.

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  • rebel8

    That is hilarious! I liked the one about "proof of virginity" which I always found a bit frightening.

    If a husband does not find "proof of virginity", then he can accuse his wife publicly. Her parents are supposed to bring the proof to the elders. I wanna know why the parents would have bloody sheets on hand and how that proves she was a virgin when she was first with her husband...If the husband was wrong, he gets flogged and fined, and the parents get to keep the fine.

    Perhaps the Bible writer didn't know that not every virgin bleeds....Proof this writing is not inspired by an infallible god....

  • TheListener

    I would like to just say that I do love the Bible and consider it the word of God.

    But, I can't stop laughing at some of the stuff on that website. I mean, wow, I had tears running down my face over some of those comments.

    Excellent excellent thread Trojan.

  • Trojan

    Thanks. We're on the same line then. I had such a good laugh. The nice thing about this site is that it takes the seriousness out of the accounts. As I'm still "in" and have to prepare talks etc., everything is to be seen as "serious" and overemphasized, but as I saw this cute little pictures I realize how ridiculous some accounts/stories are.

    Here are some examples of things I don't get:

    The other day I've read the two books of Chronicles and the slaughtering and killing that "good, righteous" kings where perpretrating is sickening. Even if you put it as the WTBTS explains that they where all terrible bad people! Why? Imagine the act in itself! Has somebody of you seen the movie "The Gladiator". THAT is how the killing among Israelites and other folks had to be! It was mud, dirt, crap, sweat and the warm blood of your enemy spilling into your face, you would end up with that terrible smell of blood (my uncle worked for years in a butchery and I can tell you IT IS DISGUSTING, you can't even rub the smell of with soap - by the way I always wondered how a Israelite priest, highpriest doing duty at the temple must have smelled....), crushing your iron sword into somebodys head, the guts spilling out - I'm sorry if I'm painting this to vividly (but that's what the Kingdom Ministry School book suggests anyway to every JW - IMAGINE the scene....must of JW don't do it - at least not with the disgusting scenes that go on in the Bible. No, it has to be painted the WTBS way: nice cute, little warriors="brooklyn-bethelites-without-suit-and-painted-beards".....everything cozy, clean and pink).

    ...actions like that MUST BRUTALIZE any human! And then King David, comes home from the slaughtering (remember: AFTER having seen all these scenes AND having participated in them), takes his tie off and sits down to write lovely poems about love, mercy and God.

    Man, he must had a stomach of iron, or no brain (shutted up all of this weird stuff) or something's wrong with the whole account. Just from this simple human, psychological point of view.

    Now put this together with the instructions on the last elders course (worldwide held, finished in most countries end of 2005/beginning of 2006): "Fathers, don't let your kids play videogames, as they will make your kids [PUT WHATEVER YOU WAN'T HERE - dumb, brutal, ...]

    but then you use King David (and the others) as good examples of righteous people for your kids. Something's definitely wrong.


    I could mention other examples of double-morale and strangeness in the Bible and specially in relationship Bible/WTBTS.

  • AlmostAtheist
    ...actions like that MUST BRUTALIZE any human!

    Do you think that's why people that follow this book are able to shun their loved ones, allow their children to die over blood, etc? Their god teaches them it's ok to cause great pain and suffering and death under certain circumstances. People tend to become like their god.


  • wombat

    That site is really funny. Thanks for telling us. I have forwarded it on to many others

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