Picture of a spider dog!

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  • Sunnygal41
  • JamesThomas

    It's not funny.

    I found one of those trapped and howling in my bath tub once as it was unable to crawl up the sides. They bite; and you can wake up at night with them humping your leg.

    It's advisable to check the corners around your ceilings because they make webs there. They're easy to spot.

    Ya it's weird...they can't climb out of a tub but they can get up there in the corner of the wall no problem. Go figure.


  • Effervescent

    That is just way too cute!

  • Brigid

    aaaahhh...he looks just like my little black puglet (sans the spider legs). They're so fun to dress up, aren't they? As long as there's a snack in it somewhere for them, they let you do whatever!!


  • xjwms

    That coat looks like

    it has legs

  • Rabbit

    Ok, I've meticulously studied this animal for several hours, something is wrong.

    First, a spider has 8 legs, I counted 10 here. It appears 4 of the legs are way too long to utilize the other 6. A possible solution would be amputation of 2 of the 4 legs on the ground, perhaps on diagonal corners. Or just shorten all 4 of these legs...

    There's still something wierd about this animal...I just can't figure out just what it could be. I will continue to study the picture.

    Rabbit (my head hurts when I think)

  • codeblue

    lol...you made my day Terri!

  • Elsewhere

    I can't see the pic.

    My company's network administrators do not believe my virgin eyes can handle the content on that website, so it's been blocked.

  • Scully


    my virgin eyes

    yeah, right!! LMAO

  • Sunnygal41

    LOL! Just found this picture I posted awhile back............you guyz are tooooo funny, with yur answers!!!

    <--------nearest Simon has to a spider on the smilies................

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