Nathan Homer Knorr - Post your story about him here

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  • metatron

    Hurt it? The donation arrangement has been a disaster - and it's bleeding them dry.


  • VM44

    Really? Interesting. So a big drop in income after moving to the "donation" arrangement could be the reason that they stopped magazine subscriptions to the magazines, and the reason why they have started to publish "paperback" books.

    From what I have read/heard, Knorr would have hated the idea of not publishing hardcover books. Paperback covers did not look dignified enough for the literature.

    What else could they do to reduce costs?


  • Rooster

    My parents gave me the middle name Nathan. after Mr. Knorr!

  • metatron

    what could they do to save money? Well,.......


  • homejah

    The photograph of Knorr,Rutherford,and Covington was taken at the 1940 Detroit Convention.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    My father was KNorr's bodyguard. He was chosen for his brawn. They spied his body, in shape from working in a coal mine, and invited him to Bethel. My father was very unhappy there. He would never admit it, though.

    My uncles were Bethelites. Knorr was the factory person, the one who caused them trouble. They did not respect him much. I don't know the details.

    My father was very abusive, criminal. My mom told me, however, that a right-wing Catholic group led by Rev. Couglin came into Madison Square Garden and actually threw ammonia bombs directly at women and children. There was fighting and people screaming and running. The canes were probably legal weapons. NY has concealed weapons laws. My mother suffered so much at my father's hands but she had admiration for how he fought off the attackers. My mom was present as a Witness. She saw it firsthand. It terrorized her. This incident had a different flair than routine persecution.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    The Post article upsets me b/c it is so biased and slants facts. Wikipedia would never allow it. It is not journalism. I hate the Witnesses but would never be so unfair to them. The facts are sufficient to indict and convict them without embroidery.

  • d

    Wow it must have been a crazy time

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