Naughty Japanese defy WBTS and enter college.

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    Then I'm going to say "naughty mexican mom defies WT and will let her kid go to college next Sep"

    how about that!!!

  • silentWatcher

    Then I'm going to say "naughty mexican mom defies WT and will let her kid go to college next Sep

    actually, in the spanish language congrgations the percentage who go to college is staggering high (almost 100%)

    Sorry if its racist, the only ones who actively discourgage college anymore that I know are redneck white folks.


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    not in my cong. They always manage to say in EVERY meeting that going to college is not good. There are 3 or 4 candidates for college but elders don't leave them alone. I though english speaking cong. were more tolerant than spanish ones? (and I even considered once to move to one of them) But with all I'm reading here it seems that they are all the same everywhere!!

  • buffalosrfree

    The college issue is one that really shows that the society is scared silly of those who are taught to think for themselves and

    to think and analyze what it is they are reading, hearing, and seeing. Unlike the society who just want you to let them do your

    thinking for you. I know of several elders whose children are going to college and just a few years ago one of them for sure was

    giving the congregation public talk and he pounded the congregation on the evils of a college education. What a hyprocrite, do

    what he says, don't send your kids to college, while he is sending his. typical of this borg.

  • M.J.

    I think the Japanese probably made great dubs because of their extreme-conformist culture and obsessive dedication to the task.

    But even the Japanese are concerned about the emerging "laziness" of their younger generation.

  • dorayakii

    Most of the points i wanted to make about the conformist culture nd impeccable dedication of the Japanese have already been made, but, ijust wanted to add a little two-pence...

    Many factors have lead to Japan taking so strongly to the WT cult, but these very factors may also be the downfall of the "Monominotou Seisho Sasshi Kyokai" (Watchtower Bible and Booklet Association).

    Japanese culture is based on a strong in-group mentality, where Japan itself is a giant architypical in-group to the exclusion of all other nations. The family unit and the company in which you work, play a huge role in this in-group mentality.

    The JW destruction of families, has also made it very unpopular in a country where the family is the basis for society, and the first in-group to which a Japanese person belongs.

    The pioneer-to-publisher rate in Japan is extremely high, due to congregational pressure to "do more" combounded by the traditional Japanese pressure "ganbatte" or "do your very best".

    Japanese society traditionally prejudices those who do not conform to the societal norms. The JWs refusal to salute flags, to sing the national anthem and to celebrate holidays leaves them open to much ridicule, and not surprisingly, in a country where the suicide rate is probably the highest in the world, the suicide rate among Jehovah's Witness youths in Japan is shockingly high. Jehovah's Witnesses students recieve 100 times more traumatic experiences in Japan that they do in the UK or the US, not to mention the pressure added due to the fact that many Japanese schools refuse to issue a student with a diploma if they have not gained the sufficient amount of points which would have been gained by practicing Judo or Kendo.

    The case of the 10-year old boy Dai Suzuki, who died in 1985 because of blood loss, caused an uproar in the Japanese media. The parents would have felt extremely pressured by their congragation to refuse the blood, counting it as not only as a sin against "Ehoba" (Jehovah) but as a grave dishonour and shame on their own heads. On a positive note though, the public shame heaped upon the parents of young Dai, would have discouraged many people form even considering joining the cult or entertaining JW preachers on their doorsteps...

    Many witnesses in Japan are at an impasse, the consequences of being shunned far graver than in the West. For many their only way to success is to pursue further and higher education.

  • LDH


    Thank you for giving me a glimpse into the pressure a young Japanese JW faces.

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