I had an epiphany

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    Nice to hear your story and I am sure many here would love to know more about how active you still are with meetings and how that part of your life is going.
    In regards to celibacy etc, the WTS has always pushed celibacy and not having children, to a greater or lesser extent. In the 40's Rutherford said to put it off as the end was almost near. I remember in the 90's the DC with a part entitled "Responsible Child Rearing in the time of the end". A lot of guilt tripping over Armageddon being just around the corner and to remember Mat "Woe to the suckling mother". I reguarly spoke to JWs that said they would love kids, but not in this evil system, they would wait till the New System.
    Even priviledges such as the Ministerial Training School are only open to single brothers (though to be fair Gilead training is generally given to Married Couples)

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