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    During the several years of my following the posts on this board, there have been quite a few posts that expressed wonder and curiosity, about how the leaders of the Watchtower Organization benefit personally from the financial affairs of this organization. As I read the JWD posts yesterday morning, there were a couple I perused quickly, one was Lee’s, where I learned something new, that the deeds of Beth Sarim were in . Big WOW!

    Let me tell you one or two stories.

    Around 1958 or 59 there were two renowned court cases in Quebec City , the litigants were, Government of Quebec vs Jehovah’s Witnesses. Even the Premier of Quebec, Maurice Duplessis was held on the witness stand for two hours, by Glen How, the WT lawyer.

    At these trials the WT’s legal team had quite an entourage. I get these two trials mixed up in my mind, but here are some of those there for one or both trials, Glen How, lawyer, Hayden Covington a lawyer, a local Jewish/French lawyer were there. Other non- lawyers, were Percy Chapman, Canadian Branch servant; Roemer, , accounting; Fred Franz, who as a witness who testified loudly in court that the Catholic Church was a whore; Laurier Saumur, district servant and perhaps others that I cannot remember. Some had their wives there, perhaps as secretaries.

    Where were all these people accommodated? They had a suite of adjoining rooms in one of the most prestigious renowned hotels in , The Chateau Frontenac. Just to show you how expensive it is, I looked up rates for the fall of 2006, they were booked up for summer rates this year, and the room rates for one room runs from $500 to $800. Do the math, they probably needed one room for a war room and six, seven others for bedrooms.

    Who paid for this suite of rooms for approximately two weeks?

    I did not mention one other person who was in this entourage. His name was Anton Koerber, and elderly, slim, slightly stooped, grey haired, distinguished looking, soft spoken, man as I remember him.

    I was a congregation servant at that time in and whenever the Society’s group needed errands run around town I was sent here and there to do what was required. Hayden gave me a big bottle of whisky to show his appreciation for what I was doing.

    Now, Percy Chapman, (I in hindsight realized later that I was being sized up as one of his golden haired boys) told me (to ensure that the word got around) that Anton Koerber was paying the whole shot. When the court case was over, Percy, asked me to tidy up the vestibule room, and pick up the ”pop” bottles (for recycling), I saved one that was half full, to share with my pioneer roommates.

    In a special meeting of the local congregation and all the pioneers, before the trial, we were introduced to Anton Koerber, and told that Anton had left a real estate deal where he could have made a million dollars in one year. He came to serve the Lord instead.

    Some years later there was a Watchtower article eulogizing his death, where it said something similar. Perhaps someone here could find the article.

    I am not making judgments here as to the moral or legal aspects of financial transactions of the WT society. I am directing attention to how officials of the Society can get the taste of the high life, that most of us grunts never had, OK a few crumbs once in a long while.

    Now, it was stated that Anton, may his services for ever be renowned, was also in the real estate business, and handled many of the Society’s real estate deals. In real estate deals there are always commissions, both buying and selling, and I am sure a charitable organization would legally be entitled to pay them. Since 1959, millions of dollars worth of Society real estate has changed hands, who got the commissions and how did those persons show their appreciation?

    Do I have to draw you a picture?

    Belbab, more to come.

  • VM44

    Fascinating. Look forward to reading more.

    I recall the example being given of a brother who was offered the opportunity to make $1 million dollars in a years time, but turned it down with the statement "But what spiritual condition would I be in at the end of that year?"

    That example stuck in my mind, now I know from where it came, thank you belbab.


  • AuldSoul

    This is awesome, belbab! Seems like I remember an article that discussed the Koerber fellow at length. If nobody beats me to it, I will try to find it and post it later.

    This is the kind of thing that is needed to start investigation into the financial side of the Society. These kind of sweetheart deals and probable kickbacks are likely in things like the CO Car Leasing and property handlers for the Society. James McCabe has been involved in handling fund reallocation for the Society in a property deal uncovered by Atlantis where the eventual price the society payed for a property McCabe arranged for the initial purchase of was almost TWICE the initial purchase price. I wonder whether Society spoeksmen are routinely "compensated" in such handsome fashion.


  • sf

    I'd say this thread provides the opportunity for the newer ones, lurkers and seekers to view and re-view an item they may not have seen yet:

    This is chapter twelve, highlighting Anton Koerber.


  • belbab

    Thanks VM 44, and Auld Soul, Blondie has located the article and if she doesn't post it, perhaps you can, if I try it I will botch it, I always seem to have trouble formatting.


  • metatron

    This sort of post confirms what I believe must intensify - discreet payoffs and 'look the other way' deals to keep the Watchtower

    alive. The idea that these higher ups serve simply for free is naive. Many of them know too much to be treated as disposable people.

    I even think that quiet forms of blackmail are possible as scandals need to be covered up.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I know I am extremely curious about the acquisition of the property for Beth Sarim and Beth Shan. They bought lots 110 and 111 for $10.00. That smells right there.

    But who bought it from the WTS is still a huge mystery. I really doubt it was sold for $10.00 + the cost of the house that was built there.

    When I first began to get info about the JWs the last thing I would have imagined was that money was an issue. I was totally sold on good works and poverty and scaping by.

    Now.... The more I find out the more I realize money is at the bottom of it all. And way way way more money than I ever dreamed the WTS had.

  • sf
  • james_woods

    I once met Hayden Covington - back in about 1967. We had a young brother (call him Sam) who was facing the draft issue. This guy had absolutely no family in "the truth" but he somehow convinced his mom and dad to not use their very capable family attorney and call in this hired gun from Bethel. After all, he had been before the Supreme Court, right?

    The outcome was that Covington grandstanded it up in court and Sammy ending up with the full 5 years for draft evasion. Sam's mom told me that they paid this creep $10,000 for the privileges. Not only that, but Hayden ran off with practically no attention to the appeal in order to lawyer for Muhammed Ali on the same issue.

    Covington showed up for one meeting at Oak Glen (OKC) KH ( a Friday night KM + Service meeting) and had enough liquor on his breath to knock down a horse fly. Marion Dunlap told me later that the only other time Covington showed up in OKC was to put a rich old lady's will through probate - naturally to give it all to the society and leave all her real heirs to scrub pots or drive them old trucks or such.

    It was soon learned that Covington had been kicked out and DFd. We all assumed that it had to do with the Muhammed Ali deal. I had to face the draft 2 years later and used (guess who) - Sam's family attorney! He was able to delay proceedings long enough for Nixon's draft lottery to kick in and I drew something like #323 and so dodged that bullet.

    I think the point here is that along with Beth Sarim, the New York brownstones, the cars, etc...the society and its cronies were robbing its people blind for the good of their elite long before Tammy Faye built that airconditioned doghouse.

  • belbab

    Mistake, sorry, belbab the incompetant

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