Watchtower January 15, 2006, Reinstatement

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  • IP_SEC

    In may at the CA DO & CO meeting with elders the DO was blaming elders reinstating people too soon for the problems in the org right now. Some how the elders are being to lax and reinstating too soon.

    What's this guy doing in the middle of this letter anyway?

    The touchy feely was probably the original. The other interpolation.

  • Narkissos
    I don't know if the man in 1 Cor. and the man in 2 Cor. is even the same man.

    It most probably isn't. 2 Corinthians 2 is about a personal offence against Paul (or one of his representatives), cf. 2:5; 7:12; 10:11 (perhaps from an earlier letter, cf. 2:1ff). In such a case it was politically important to Paul that the church dissociate itself from him and show its solidarity with the "apostle". This being done, Paul can show himself "generous".

  • 2112

    That being the case, according to the WT, Paul would have been the "organization" and therefore apposing Paul would be worse than having sex with your fathers wife. Yet in either case it does not say he repented.

  • garybuss

    This seems like it might be the set up article and the tie back.
    The elders are the gate keepers. They think it's their job to kick people out and KEEP em out. I'm not very sure everyone in the Society at the top levels agree with this practice. They must be missing those 85k they disfellowship every year and the sympathizers. Me thinks part of the new light is about reinstatement.
    In pre Internet days the Witnesses could disfellowship people and expect a fair number of them back. Now they disfellowship a person and she Googles "Jehovah's Witnesses", she gets her education and doesn't go back. OR she goes back armed with information and takes a dozen out with her. This is just gonna get worse for the Witnesses. They know this.
    They got three big problems right now. One, is they are loosing too many out the back door "by being cruel, harsh, and merciless"; Two, the blood medical treatment issue is a mess and a liability; and Three the donation "arrangement" isn't working. Literature production went from a profit item to a loss item overnight.

  • The Leological One
    The Leological One
    I'm all ears.

    I know of one who has been df over 2 yrs, ; lived an exemplary life even by jw standards (including meetings) for 1 & 1/2 yrs, submitted letters of repentance, ;& the elders will not even meet with him. They admit there is nothing more he can do. Just wait.


    Man, that is sad that someone has been wasting so much of their life away just to get those @-holes to get off their high horse and reinstate the person. I think some of them must love lording over their postions and keeping a power and fear over their congregation.

    I hope this person comes to terms with what utter nonesense it all is, but if people are going to be around anyway, I hope they get reinstated.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff
    This would also have the beneficial effect of plumping up the statistics for one year.

    Bingo - they just moved the 'carrot' a little closer to those who want to come back in. They need all hands on deck to bolster this falling report. Some, under the old arrangement never got back due to the amount of time that expired. This way, they keep the same old standards, but they get some back in early and new reports from them. Those df'd ones sitting in this WT study can be back in time to bring the 2006 report up some.


  • garybuss

    I'd sure like to see a complete copy of that article.
    Last fall a wise Witness friend said the Watch Tower is doing a Witness cattle call. I think he was right.
    Either way the Tower wins. If they build the walls higher, the purge continues and cash from unneeded assets becomes available. If the Tower lowers the wall. more bodies attend group meetings and donate more cash for sale items and donate more gifts.
    Maybe they will establish a buy your way out of shunning with cash donations.
    Maybe they will establish a save your dead relatives program. A Witness could pay a Jehovah's Witness priest to guarantee their dead relatives would be resurrected after Armageddon in a perfect replica body.


  • observador

    I don't see anything new on that article.
    The WT has always had this double talk type of policy. I call it the "love, hate, are you loving?, now you hate" type of policy.
    Just watch out for the next "Jehovah Keeps the Congregation Clean" type of article.

  • Calliope

    hmmm, not to lower your opinions of me, but both times i was reproved, i was reinstate wayyyy before the 6 month mark.

    AHA! Maybe the "new light" is to do away with the six month reinstatement process! WOO HOO.

    i wasn't a good girl... but they liked me... which could possibly be material for a whole other thread.

  • AlmostAtheist

    >>i wasn't a good girl... but they liked me... which could possibly be material for a whole other thread.

    Yep, makes a huge difference. Crazy, ain't it?

    There was a girl in a congregation I attended that was DF'd for so long that people were openly talking about it. "Why hasn't she been reinstated yet?!?" I'd never seen the like of it, she was out for over a year, but she attended every meeting, she was in a "good" family. Must've pissed somebody off though. Like to broke my heart, she and I were close. (Broke my heart that they so callously kept her out, not that she got DF'd.)


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