Do the dubs stay in for the promised paradise?

by greendawn 6 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • greendawn

    It appears that most JWS are in the WTS for selfish reasons, because they want to gain the paradise that they being promised by the GB. They have no real deep brotherly love, that's for sure, and their leaders don't really seem to want to cultivate such a quality in them.

    Now if this paradise hope was finally removed if they were told forget it, it will never come in your lifetime do you think that most JWs would leave the organisation?

  • skyman

    Most are there for the promised paradise and would leave if they were told that they would just grow old and die with no paradise for loyalty. They go for the selfish reasons take the rewards away poof they would be gone.

  • garybuss

    It looks like they dropped featuring the "paradise" in the door to door duty. They're back to featuring doom and gloom with a happyface.

    ARMAGEDDON When people hear the word 'Armageddon' many think of mass destruction. Would it surprise you to learn that Armageddon is something to look forward to? OUR KINGDOM MINISTRY Jan 2006 p.4

    They must think there is MORE appeal to doom and gloom.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I am convinced that most people who become Dubs do so because they are drawn to the subtle esthete of the efficiently deconstructed architectual style that >>IS<< the Kingdom Hall.

    That, and those Joe Hovah's put together a really nice cheese platter.

    It's all about refined sensibilities.

  • slugga

    I dont think myself or any of my mates believed we would make it through the great trib but we stuck around. Looking back on it though, the idea of living in a world full of dubs makes me cringe, my idea of hell!

  • FairMind

    If Baptists, Methodists, etc… were told that they weren’t going to heaven would they leave their churches and find another religion? Probably. If JW’s were told that the earthly paradise hope was false, would they leave? Probably. This would not mean that they would no longer believe in a paradise on earth just that they no longer trusted the WTS.

    As to the point of being JWs for selfish reasons, they are no more so than a person in any other religion. In fact the bible holds out the hope of everlasting life as a reward. I know that without the hope of everlasting life, my feelings would be what is the point of life at all.

  • IronClaw

    I think your question is being answered daily. Many are leaving the ranks because Armageddon has been promised how many times, and still is here yet. The many lies, deceptions, coverups, scandals and so on is really taking its toll. I think most JW's with the help of the internet and sites like this one are beginning to smell the coffee . I cant tell you how many times many JW's said they had to go out in service cause their hours were low, instead of spending some quality time with there kids on a Saturday morning. They are trying to Buy their way into paradise. Most of the kids I grew up with that were forced to go out on Sat mornings are no longer in the Lie. Im only sorry I didnt get out sooner.

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