Beth Sarim Deeds and transfers

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Thanks Merry

    If this is the right fellow that rules out Francis S Hankins being his wife and GRANTing it to him.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Just found this

    G. Aubrey Davidson: Founder of the Southern Trust and Commerce Bank of San Diego. He came to San Diego with his parents in 1886 when he was 18 years old. President of the San Diego Chamber of Commerce from 1909-1910. Planned the 1915 Panama -California Exposition, 1915. President of the Y.M.C.A. His son, Gilbert Aybrey Davidson was born in


    I think this might be the right one.

  • sf

    Just setting out some 'appetizers'...

    "Some Interesting Letters":


    Just a little anniversary note: Twelve years ago today, in Marten's Hall, St. Louis, I met and heard you for the first time--having since listened to you seventy times.


    One of my eyes was opened by the unreasonableness of a twenty-four hour Judgment Day, as exposed by you--a sort of a burlesque on my Methodist training. The other eye was opened by the reasonableness of the Scriptural Thousand-Year Day of Judgment, which you explained.

    I had been reading THE WATCH TOWER about five months, and had "gathered in" a little of its Message, as indicated by the notations on their margins; but I think the impression made on me that day fixed upon me, somehow, a determination to know God--to study His revealed Word. What it would lead to, of course, I could not comprehend. But I thank our dear Heavenly Father for His merciful and patient leading. I thank Him for the great responsibilities which are now mine! I am happy to be in the Truth and to know the Spirit of the Lord; and my earnest prayer is for wisdom to properly manifest in my daily life the fruits and graces of that Spirit.

    I wish to express to you my gratitude for your helpfulness all along the way. I love you for it. I pray daily for the all-sufficient grace to you-ward--for the Heavenly Father to sustain and cheer you, and to make you the happiest of men. Your confidence in, and loyalty to, Almighty God has borne much fruit for others as well as for yourself, and will certainly meet with a great reward--shortly.

    Somehow--I don't know how--I thought I could see a climax to culminate in the Seventh Volume, and from the first I have prayed that God might prepare my heart for that Seventh Volume. This Harvest Message as a whole has included so much. I feel confident that this great anticipation for the consummation of the Divine Plan of the Ages, in narrowing down the rays of prophecy and Present Truth to the focal-point, "It is Done," has carried me over many bridges where rails, ties and pillars had been removed.

    I am praising God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, and our Father, for an appreciation of, and a participation in, the Precious Blood! With tenderest love to my Pastor, I remain,

    Your fellow-servant in Christ, C. E. STEWART.



  • james_woods

    I must say that I have a new respect for the Judge - he apparantly had great taste in automobiles and hard licker...

    Not just one, but TWO Caddy V16s (during the great depression! LOL). Maybe he really wanted a Duesenberg SJ, but did not want to offend any of the starving friends.

    So anyway, if this house cost $55-65K (not counting the land) when a Ford cost $600, what would it be worth today? I would make it about 2.250 million. Maybe not worthy of the Donald Trump, but close!

    I also felt such great sorrow to read that he became so distraught over his false 1925 prophesy that he got to drinking more whisky than Winston Churchill and Hank Williams combined...wonder how they procured the 2 cases a week during prohibition?

  • jgnat

    Okay, all this random information is driving me crazy. It's obvious that Lady Lee and Apostanator are doing some interesting digging, but I need help keeping it all straight. Here's my timeline from the information on our thread. Maybe rich people are smart enough to "grant" their properties before they die, thereby avoiding the tax man. I wonder if the WTBTS had to pay a tax bill when they sold the property?

    Timeline, Beth Sarim Property

    Lots 110, 111

    Date From To Amount Notes Source

    ????? ????? ????? ?????

    01-Oct-1926 Albert E. Eckols Robert J. Martin Document 1

    24-Dec-1929 Robert J. Martin Joseph F. Rutherford 10.00 deed

    08-Jan-1942 Joseph F. Rutherford WTBTS Revert at death. Document 1

    ??????-1948 WTBTS ????? Document 1

    ??????? ?????? ?????

    ??????-1953 Francis S. Hankins G. Aubrey Davidson grant Docs from Apostanator

    ??????-1955 G. Aubrey Davidson G. Aubrey Davidson Jr.grant Docs from Apostanator

    ??????-1959 Clarence M. Ching grant Docs from Apostanator

    Document 1

    BETH-SARIM: A Monument to a False Prophet and to False Prophecy by C. Gruss and Leonard Chretien

  • sf

    Check out this archived thread with posts from 'larc'. It has some items of interest as well:

    Joseph Rutherford and Burlesque


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Thanks JG I started to do that last night but as you can see I didn't finish it

  • jgnat

    Lee, feel free to update my chart as you fill in the gaps. I tried doing some online searching just now, and I can see you are ages ahead of me in the details. You go girl!

  • sf

    A portion contained in above link:

    As Jeff pointed out, Edmund Gruss has written a book that includes much detail on this subject. Fact is, Beth Sarim and Beth Shan were on adjoinging properties. Rutherford's signature is on the deed for Beth Sarim and William Heath's signature was on the deed for Beth Shan. They were next door neighbors, and Beth Shan was built as a protection for the Watchtower elite when the Great Tribulation was to occur.


  • VM44

    I am wondering if The Watchtower wanted to keep its name officially out of the official property records.

    I do not see anything recorded by the city or the county that has "Watchtower" on it as far as the property at 4440 Braeburn Road.

    Could there be something to this observation?


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