Stomach Flu

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  • Hellrider

    So, we were at it again last night. Me and my kid puking in stereo. He puked out his whole bed last night, poor boy. His poor mom, she had it and is well again, but now she has to take care of us. I`m a bit better today, I`m going for the cinnamon, so we had cinnamon rolls and I`m drinking cinnamon/apple-tea now. It seems to have helped on the nausea, but I`m aching all over, the muscles in the upper body is really sore, probably from all the puking and stomach pains. Kids are strange, though, although he was sick during the night, he`s in great shape during the day, running around, so happy that he could be home from kindergarten and stuff, lol. Hoping we`re well again soon, and get well to all the other people here with the same flu, seems to be a lot of it this winter.

    (by the way: I can really recommend the stomach flu as a great way of loosing weight, though: I lost 2 kgs (4 lbs) in three days...well, at least it`s good for something...)

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie
    It seems to have helped on the nausea

    I recommend acidophilus capsules for the "other end" of the problem.


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