Why do you read the Literature?

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  • greendawn

    Even if there is anything good in them they took it from other religions nothing of what they themselves originated is any good.

  • vomit

    The mags really are a load of shit. That is my honest scientific and biblical answer.
    Up until recently my mother would mail them to me. Depending on what problems she thought I had.
    I would never actualy read them. The only thing in the Awake I can bare to read is Watching the world because the article does not finish the paragraph ... "how wonderful jehovah is, for providing the varity of vegetables making up a pizza, as David mentioned in Psalms... ..." fill in the gaps and change pizza for what ever "general interest" drivel they come up with.

    I had the misfortune of been given the recent education watchtower. I have not been so angry for a long time. I read the posts here and then decided to read it from the horses mouth. I could of killed somebody that day. Since thoes people that gave me it know I have not only gone to college, but University and post grad. I am a scientist and cant even sit through a meeting because of the general air of detest they have of people with any kind of knowledge. I wonder do they feel the same way to the doctors that invented Prozac.

    "how wonderful jehovah is, for providing the varity of anti-depressents, to make us feel as David did as he danced through the streets naked mentioned in Psalms... ..."

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