How Much of a Witness Were You?

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  • prophecor

    I knew brothers who would not allow a television in thier house. You were lucky if you were around any that listened to music. We would jokingly among older ones talk of going out and pulling our Earth Wind & Fire albums out and taking them for a spin.

    It was such a tight asseded religion that there was never any room for the normal things. Did you ever go to those gatherings where there was nothing on for background music except for Kingdom Melodies? Were we a lost cause or what? It's scary to think how far gone some of us were, and we only associated it with normalcy.

  • jeeprube

    What other religion bans TV's and allows alcohol.

  • AlmostAtheist

    "Been to" such gatherings? Dude, I HOSTED them... :-(

    So glad to be free of that crap.


  • Highlander

    I avoided those gatherings like the plague, however I'll never forget a day I went out preaching. We finished morning service, and were waiting around for the other groups so that we could

    make arrangements for the afternoon. Some of us wanted to run home real quick for lunch but two self righteous 'pioneer' sisters insisted that we stay and sing kingdom melodies using

    the piano. After 30 seconds of singing, I felt like puking. Needless to say I didn't go preaching that afternoon, I had enough for that day.

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    Actually, for the most part the congs I was in weren't too bad. Growing up till about 16, we were in a rural cong. We had cong parties about twice a year, big potluck parties, with *gasp* dancing to wordly music! It was really alot of fun!

    When we moved to a city, there were still parties, we'd rent a school gym and have dancing etc. It was all chaperoned of course, but we had a good time. That's where I met my future hubby. It's so funny to go back to that school in my job, and look at the gym and imagine the night I met him. The gym looks so small to me now! lol

    My parents weren't too uptight either. The biggest thing was not having any friends outside of the "org". When I 'd make a friend at school, want to hang out with them etc, my mom would always ask "Do they love Jehovah?". If they didn't go to a hall somewhere - they didn't love Jehovah, they couldn't be a friend. That was the hardest part about growing up for me.


  • slugga

    I once went to a witness party 2 hours drive away where two Ms were sat on the stairs guarding them all night to stop anyone going upstairs to the bedrooms. Alcohol (2 cups max) was served by the parents who poured you out something into a plastic glass and I distinctly remember about 10 people rammed into a 12' X 10' foot living room with furniture still in it . The main lights had been turned off and a few red lights scattered around to try and make it look like a disco lol I don't remember what was playing just that it was awful the same as the sisters trying to dance modestly to it but looking like it was the best night out that they'd ever had.

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee
    but looking like it was the best night out that they'd ever had.

    Sad to say, it probably was!


  • slugga

    Ah just remembered this... this is how much of a goody two shoes I was...

    I was working temp over the Christmas period as a postman and in the UK is usual to give public workers something called a "Christmas box" which is normally just some money. I had this catholic church on route and I'd drop their mail off everyday, I'd give it to some nun. Anyway one day i dropped the mail off and I'm walking away and the priest Satan's little helper himself starts shouting out after me. So I went back and he gave me £5 and wished me a Happy Christmas. I shoved it back at him and said "I can't take this, I'm not your normal postman" But he wouldn't have it and shoved it back in my hand again so I had to refuse it again and told him I couldn't take it and gave it back. He was gob smacked and asked why so I told him I was a Dub, didn't celebrate Xmas, thought that he was an agent of Satan and didn't want his demonic money. He then actually questioned whether my parents were actually married and I walked off a fiver out of pocket.


  • Purza
    Some of us wanted to run home real quick for lunch but two self righteous 'pioneer' sisters insisted that we stay and sing kingdom melodies using the piano.

    I am laughing just thinking about this. No -- I can't recall ever having to endure such atrocities. I did know one brother who stored his television in the closet -- only bringing it out for special occassions.


  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    When my kids were young, a really cool elder and wife would throw sock hops for all the kids to have fun at the gym in an elementary school....soon we had orders from the CO to stop them... that big gatherings were bad... after all someone might give someone a kiss in the hall!!!! Also the kids would dress like greasers and (imitate worldly people....) how wicked...Nobody had any big parties again...

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