Thinking of leaving? Do you have a good Reputation?

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  • M*A*S*H

    Yes, yes sass_my_frass... I think you're right. A global conspiracy! Wouldn't be lovely to see a 10 fold increase in those partaking at the next memorial? That would start the old rumour mill grinding...
    If it comes off for anyone, and they actually can convince people... I'm going to pretend I'm Jesus, turn up at Bethal, as an ass, oops, I mean on as ass... and ask for my own personal parking space (oh and I might steal some of their office paper whilst they're not looking). Mawhahahahaha
    PS. Hi AuldSoul, I'm back! My usual intellectual finess on display. Who's Richie?

  • willyloman

    At the risk being viewed as a party pooper, I should point out that the practice is to not count people who are viewed by the elders as poseurs when it comes to turning in the partaker numbers. By that I mean, they may count them if there is any doubt, but when they suspect mental illness or the person falls way outside the parameters for potential annointing, they just simply don't count them.

    Young people, new people, folks they've never seen before at their KH (unless proper introductions were made prior to the meeting), none of these are counted if they partake.

    I learned this when served as an attendant at a couple of memorials back in the day. A sister who was in her 30's and missed a lot of meetings and never showed up for FS partook every year. When the attendants got together after to discuss the number of partakers we needed to report, I said, "Three." Said the wiser, older elder: "No, two." I mentioned the three who had partaken by name. When I mentioned her name, he just smiled and shook his head. You can guess what the report read. Later when I asked about this, I was was briefed on the practice of leaving it up to the elders in the local congo to determine the count.

  • Spectrum

    You mean they count to get an official figure as an indication of the imminence of the end?
    I can't believe they count!!

  • G Money
    G Money

    I thought it would be funny to partake and really backwash into the wine.

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