Underground vaults of Edinburgh

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  • scotsman

    Funny that the M8's the best thing about Glasgow too - stops you from having to drive through the city centre.

  • slugga

    *Gives in* Its all virgogirls fault...Again! lol

  • Virgogirl

    Hi, I'm back from working on Saturday, pfffft! Thanx, all, but what are midges and weegies? I love rain, though, and have the name of the area my Great Grandfather supposedly came from, the White Loch. "Most Haunted is fun to watch, all those cool places in the UK, all historic and creepy, but this one show did scare the living piddle out of me. Couldn't sleep that night! Derek Accora the medium really looked posessed by something and it was chilling. Hey, I might make a great jumpy tourist for the city walk! I'd tote a mug of Drambuie along.

  • Freedom Fighter
    Freedom Fighter

    I had to break my board sabbatical to reply to this -

    "She could always stay in Edin and drink tea with the rest of the little old Edinburgh Lady's, pretending so hard to be English and "cultured ".

    Too true - although don't mention 'Craigmillar'.

    " If you choose to follow Matt's suggestion and shop for a kilt in Glasgow, you're also far more likely to be stabbed or shot by the firiendly Weegies. "


    FF - keeping up the good name of Glesgae since 2004.

  • scotsman

    Scotsman picks up his skirts and flees the Buckfast fueled Freedom Fighter.

  • slugga

    Yayyyy Renforcements

    *Hitches up kilt to chase the wee Em bri fanny*


    Sorry Scotsman

  • slugga


    Considering the ned conection and the people who make the stuff, does anyone know of a bro or sis that drinks the stuff?

  • slugga
    I love rain, though, and have the name of the area my Great Grandfather supposedly came from, the White Loch.

    Oh its no wonder you love the rain if yer Great Grandfather came from a Loch, what was he a fish? lol

    You do know that a loch is a lake don't you?

    Theres a few "White Lochs" in Scotland, the biggest is near Stranraer. There's another loch not far from it called the Black Loch so maybe there were villages near each loch were the locals would differentiate between themselves by stating that they were either from Black Loch or White Loch and thats what he refereed to.

    what are midges and weegies

    Midges are the scourge of Scotland, wee biting flies that you get out in the countryside. They're wee tiny little things and the slightest wind will blow them away and rain will wash them out so you are OK most of the time. Its when its hot and still that they become a bloody nuisance.

    Weegies - Nasty, nasty term for a glasWEGIAN (Thats someone from Glasgow), usually used by EVIL and twisted people from a city on the East coast of Scotland - Hey Scotsman, can you get disfellowshipped for hanging out with wee little old ladys, drinking lots of tea and pretending to be English and cultured? lol


  • Robdar

    Hmmmm, missed the vaults when I was in Scotland. Didn't even see a brochure advertising them. It sounds interesting. FreedomFighter and Little Toe, why didn't you take me through? It would have been a great way to ditch me, yanno.

  • diamondblue1974

    I love edinburgh and definately recommend it...you have to do one of the Ghost Walks too...they take you into the vaults and tell you all nasty stories...fantastic when you drunk lol



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