POLICE: Sprint Refused to Help Find Abducted Toddler....

by Frannie Banannie 14 Replies latest social current

  • rebel8

    That is horrifying!

    Is this the typical process for the police to obtain the global positioning data? Say it isn't so. I bought a new phone just because it had global positioning capability. I thought, in case of emergency, the cops would be able to quickly locate me. Not so??

  • Elsewhere

    I don't understand why anyone would leave their car running for any length of time. That is something I NEVER do simply because it is inviting someone to steal my car.

    Even if I am going to walk 15 feet from my car to get my mail I will take the keys and lock the car... every single time. I even did this with my old 1996 Nissan Sentra.

    Sure it sounds paranoid but I grew up in a neighborhood where everything that wasn't bolted down was stolen. When I was a kid I saw someone hotwire and steal my dad's truck in our driveway. He was so fast that by the time I opened the front door he had it started and was tearing out of the driveway.

  • inbyathread

    LDH made a comment about a CA law prohibiting a child being in an unattended running car. Was the car running? Did the story say? Had an Amber alert been sounded? It is my understanding that the car was the target not the child.

    Did sprint break any CA laws? I'm not an advocate for sprint or any other phone carrier but you people aren't keeping things balanced. You are complaining about a company who followed the known laws about privacy and you are disregarding everything else.

    Should things change? Yes. Sprint management has certainly gotten a wakeup call and will make changes in how emergency issues come up. Give them a chance to make the changes.

    I've been in simular situations and have used my contacts to get the information across or spoken to higher authority in the management chain. It can be done.

    I'm certainly glad the child was found safe and returned to his family. Give it time.

  • simplesally

    My position on leaving a child in a car ---- never do it!

    I would not leave $1,000,000 in my car unattended, so why would I leave my daughter? If she falls asleep in the car, I pull into the garage and leave her in the car with the windows rolled down, the garage locked up and the door into the house wide open so I can hear her when she wants to get out.

    She knows I don't leave her in the car because sometimes she has requested to stay in the car and I've answered, "Mommy doesn't want someone to take you baby, come on, get out." So when my ex left my 4 year old in the car, buckled in her car seat and he ran into his apartment to get something, she was madder than a wet hen and still has not forgotten it!

  • outbutnotdown


    What if you didn't have a garage?

    Simple question, I know, and that's not really what I'm asking, but the point is that there will always be different ways to deal with things.

    I agree that your ex running into an apartment (building ?) is on the negligent side of things, but in this "Sprint" man's situation, I don't think that he can be accused of being negligent.

    At what point do we lay blame on the perpetrator of the crime, as opposed to further victimizing the victims, as we seem to be doing?


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