Brother Chronister strikes again! Caught in bathroom w/camera phone and boy

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  • Dogpatch

    Passing this on:

    Brother Chronister strikes again!

    A two time convicted sex offender that was engaged to a sister was caught in a Walmart bathroom attempting to photograph a nine year old boy with his cell phone. Brother Chronister is a Jehovah’s Witness in good standing in the Fort Smith South Congregation. Of course this was covered up to the news media of yet another pedophile protected by the organization.

    His name is Jimmy Don Chronister. The first news article,

    the second site is


    Net Soup!

  • Leolaia


    BTW, Dateline tonight will have a report on another sting operation they did on pedos. I will definitely be tuning in...

  • Elsewhere

    Awww.... good ol Brother Chronister would neeeeever do anything like that!

  • Scully

    FRIDAY JANUARY 13, 2006 Last modified: Friday, December 30, 2005 4:29 PM CST

    Sex offender arrested

    by MELINDA W. BIGELOW, Press Argus-Courier Staff

    A repeat sex offender has been charged with video voyeurism after reportedly taking photos of a young boy using the restroom in a Van Buren store.

    Jimmy Don Chronister, 40, of Fort Smith was arrested for video voyeurism Monday night according to Detective Sgt. Daniel Perry of the Van Buren Police Department. Chronister is in the Crawford County Jail on a $100,000 bond.

    Chronister is a registered sex offender. He was released from prison in 2001 after serving a 42-month sentence for sexual assault of a 6-year-old boy. In 1993, his first degree sexual assault of his adopted daughter resulted in three years in prison.

    The video voyeurism, a Class D felony, occurred when a 9-year-old local boy went into the restroom at the Wal-Mart Supercenter while his father waited outside the door for him.

    "The little boy looked down, saw someone taking a cell phone photo of him from the other stall; then pulled his pants up and got his dad," Perry said.

    The child's father got Wal-Mart security who detained Chronister until police arrived, according to the police report.

    Joseph Cole, Wal-Mart's loss prevention officer, told Van Buren police he observed Chronister take out his camera phone, pull up a picture and delete it after Cole had been sent in to watch Chronister, adding he would have kept Chronister from deleting the photo if he had known why the suspect was being held.

    Police recovered a gray Cingular phone from Chronister. The young victim described a gray Cingular camera phone being stuck under the stall by a man wearing brown shoes.

    Perry said Chronister had been in the restroom about 45 minutes before the child entered and remained in the stall until approached by Wal-Mart security.

    The police report states Chronister was asked about the two incidents when he went to prison, but he did not want to tell about those times. Chronister said he had been trying to control his urges. Police asked "what kind of urges have you been having?" and he replied, "urges with both boys and girls" although he said he had not done anything.

  • Saoirse


    He needs to be locked away forever.

    Dateline tonight will have a report on another sting operation they did on pedos
    Thanks for the heads up!
  • prophecor
  • Scully

    Man Accused Of Taking Bathroom Photos Of Boy Arrested

    POSTED: 5:28 pm CST December 28, 2005
    UPDATED: 6:58 pm CST December 28, 2005

    VAN BUREN, Ark. -- Police arrested a registered sex offender, accused of using a cell phone to take inappropriate photos of an underage boy.

    Authorities say Jimmy Don Chronister, 40, slipped the phone under the wall of a bathroom stall to take photos of a young boy using the restroom at a Wal-Mart SuperCenter in Van Buren.

    The alleged incident was immediately reported to Wal-Mart security.

    Wal-Mart security officers held Chronister until police arrived. According to police, they found pictures of the boy on Chronister's camera phone. Investigators wonder whether it was the first time Chronister used his cellular phone to take photos of children.

    "We're looking at video now from different stores, and his pictures come up several times," said Van Buren police spokesman Daniel Perry. "So it's possible he's been doing this for a while and just now getting caught."

    Police searched Chronister's home for evidence to find out if there were any other victims. They said they have not found any evidence of such.

    Chronister is facing video voyeurism charges. If convicted, he could face 10 years in prison.

  • rebel8

    As far as the congregation "keeping itself clean" goes.......isn't repeat offending proof that he was/is not repentant?

  • stevenyc

    I want to know how many witnesses to this event there were. And, if it was only the boy then this brother should continue in good standing in the congo. We don't follow mans rules, but Jehobas. -GB Brooklyn! (maybe)


  • avishai

    He was put in prison TWICE for this? I'm sorry, pedophiles should have a two strikes and your out law.

    One strike, if it were up to me, but this guy is a repeat offender, why let another child get victimised?

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