Blood Issue: Will Literature Be Destroyed?

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  • Klaus Vollmer
    Klaus Vollmer

    The society has a great experience in shaping the past, they like to turk facts and yet they fake turks we say in Luxemburg what means that they prefer falsifying realities.

    as an extrwem example I think about the letter from Rutherford to Mr. Hitler, the German Chancellor. It did not reach the target but caused a terrible answer. That again caused accusations against the German branch offier Balzereit who was accused from 1934 to 1998 where in the holocuast Awake with one sentence he was explained innocent.

    all the 60 years before he was excommunicated and there were so many accusations against this guy. Finally they come to the recognition that it were the brothers who explained Balzereit as evildoer. But they had Rutherfrods letter and the German letter and could compare that nothing was modified. Such kind of liars in leading positions.

    And when I think about the old school brochure - you remember the old blue one - therin it was explained that JWs children dont participate in scholl elections and their parents not in elections of school parentship.

    Later when they decided on global level to find the favor of the governments with the target to get tax free status eg in Germany - they cancelled this policy - liek the cancelled the policy of vacchinations, organ transplantation and transfusion of cracked blood components.

    They are opportunists without example, on their policy they make people to be dummies without brain. What the blood question targets - I am convinced that there is much more behind all things. I guess they have stocks in innovative technologies to cut off a big share from the red cross blood business by substituting it via technology and artificial blood like Biopure and Hemopure, both products made from ossblood.

    A blood transfusion takes blood not from an animal that is killed because the need to grant food to someone. A blood transfusion does not depend on any sacrifice. It is a donation from someone living who wants to keep another one alive.

    WTS throws those facts in a bowl and mixes therefrom a doctrine. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ gave enough examples that the life is over the law. The bastards of pharisees had rejected his acting by recitating the law. But Jesus contercarried their reasoning.

    Greetings from Tilewater

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