No more Silverdome...

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  • hillbilly

    I live in the Tri City area... Saginaw has had a half dozen shooting so far this year.... The Dow isnt that far from the 'finer' part of town. If your have to come here watch your step around can be someplace you dont want to be quickly.

    Saginaw's hotels and eateries are not really close to downtown where the Dow is located.

    The Local Saginaw economy needs a boost... the city has been in major decline and is trying to comeback. I just hope those cheal JW's leave a eat and leave a decent tip.

    I was at the Silverdome in '78.... like most venues it was the pits.


  • Beep,Beep

    ""I was at the Silverdome in '78.... like most venues it was the pits.""

    That wasn't the impression I got in 1983. I thought it was a great place. The pits are the outdoor stadiums, Veteran's, Three Rivers, and Riverfront come to mind

  • hillbilly

    Yo! The Vet was the worst! ~Hill

  • sf
    "From my experience with Jehovah's Witnesses in other cities, they bring in millions," Collins said. "We don't know what the exact economic impact will be yet, but there will definitely be one."

    Is this really a true statement, with documentation to back it up?

    I mean, millions? Come on, most jws pack their food now, right? Your average jw does not have a lot of money. So I would need to see proof of these "millions jws bring in to other towns".


    LIGHTBULB MOMENT: Is it any wonder the jws seem to be exempt from a bad rap by most city officials, federal govt. and most media? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


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